Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kid's Artist Trading Card Swap

You know we never turn down an opportunity to make art. This year we're participating in a kid's artist trading card swap sponsored by the blog Eddie and Abbie. The girls will have an excuse to get messy with paints, they'll get mail (which they are always happy about) and we'll get to see the artwork of other kids their age. Seems like a win win win situation! The deadline isn't until April 4th so there is plenty of time to sign your own kids up at the link above.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Sissy

Our sweet girl is four, I can not believe it. At four you have the worlds most expressive face, sometimes I can tell you are thinking about a conversation in your head because you are making the facial expressions as you think, sometimes you even shrug your shoulders and lift your hands as if to say, "I don't know." I love it.

At bedtime we read a book, sing two songs, say our prayers, have some kisses and then after I have left the room I can hear you singing and talking to yourself. 

You are such an independent, laid back girl. You are happy to play with other kids but equally happy to do your own thing. You usually don't let things bother you but when someone does you have absolutely no problem sticking up for yourself.

You don't know what the word "vegetarian" means but you eat as though you are one. We have a hard time getting you to eat any meat...unless it comes from Chick-fil-A.

Sometimes I tease you and act like I'm crying, you do not like it one bit. You laugh about it but you can not resist kissing me to make me feel better. I don't even think you realize you are doing it.

Lately you've been a bit of a daddy's girl. Always telling me that you don't want him to go to work or that you miss him. Most often you want him after you've gotten into trouble with Mommy.

Almost daily someone tells me how beautiful you are, how well behaved you are, or just what a good kid you are. Love you sweet girl.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best Days

As I went about my day today birthday planning, cleaning, running errands... the words of this blog post swirled through my head. It was a good post in my head but now that I sit down to write it the words just wont come.

I realized today that there is a phrase that is repeated often in our house, "Stop growing" (almost as often as "leave your sister alone"). Why is it that I want to freeze this stage so badly? I think it's out of fear, I fear that these are my best days, life can't really get any better can it? I fear that as my kids grow I'll look back on these days with longing, wishing I could go back.
I don't want to forget how the words "Peek-a-boo" can send this kid into such a fit of giggles.
And how if you hand him anything the first thing he does is shake shake shake it.
As much I would like to sleep in I also am afraid of the day when the little snugglers crawl into my bed and demand that I lift my arm up so that they can get right against me.

Even though I love this stage and want so much to savor each memory and live in each moment, I also rejoice in every accomplishment and look so forward to them learning something new. I can't wait until Jack can experience sitting on his own, or sitting at the dinner table with us and picking up little pieces of whatever we're eating.

I can't wait for Kendall to start Kindergarten and have a school/teacher/friends of her very own, or to get up enough courage to ride that bike without training wheels. 

The girls love to cut coupons out of the paper and make their own grocery lists.
I love seeing Kate's expression when she learns to do something on her own. She always watches Kendall do things and her coordination is not where her older sister's is. When she finally gets to the point that she can do a roll or hop on one foot (or whatever) like her older sister she is just so proud of herself!

So even though I do LOVE this stage of our lives I also realize that there are so many things to look forward in the years to come. We will have school dances, team sports, sleepovers, and endless other memories to make. We will have new "best days."