Friday, May 28, 2010

I LOVE this

Kate came up to me like this and said, "What are these called?" I just stared at her with a blank look on my face for awhile trying to figure out what she was really asking me.

Finally I answered, "Your temples."

At first she accepted this answer but I could tell she was rolling that around in her brain and it just didn't sound right. She just stood there with her hands up to her head and then asked, "Like bumble bees have?"

Aaaaaaaah, "Those are antennas"

Love that girl.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For Suzi

Tidbits because it's all that I can get motivated to blog about:

I'm RE-reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert...fabulous, one of my two favorite books (the other being Pride and Prejudice). I had to check it out from the library because, sadly, I gave my copy away.

I stopped at the book store today and picked up these for our vacation. During our hotel stay I checked out two books by these authors and they were both good (very very different though).

Today the girls and I made this. YUMMY. Make it

Last week we went here.

and here (butterfly exhibit).

This makes me laugh:
and so does the fact that today she asked multiple times for "bikini bread" (zucchini bread).

This makes me smile. I had walked to throw something in the trash can and when she saw me walking back she was so happy to see me (I was gone three seconds).

I have a hair appointment tomorrow--mine are always too far apart so I get really excited about them. Wishing I had scheduled a pedicure. Our beach trip is next week and I can't reach my toes.

Monday, May 03, 2010

A Walk in the Forest

We took a walk through a local forest last week to see the blue bells. The girls loved it.