Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last chance?

So this is the last full "normal" weekend here, next Sunday the movers arrive to start packing. Brian will also be home next weekend so this may be the last of the in progress photos we get (unless he swings by after work one night, which I'm not asking him to do). He went by today and there has been a LOT of work in just the last few days. He sent a ton of photos that I love, some may be boring to you but I'm including them just to have it all recorded :)

All our landscaping and sod went in. Beware, the grass is a bit of a shocker. The entire town (state?) uses a type of grass that turns brown in the winter. It's not dead, I promise.
Looking out onto the landscaping, some cute little grass thingys? That's the technical term, you know.

Wonder which kid will fall on those rocks first? The color is off from his phone pic, our garage doors are actually pretty dark.

Exterior recessed lighting is installed, as are the gutters and copper trim.
Moving on into the kitchen. They did the backsplash in the last couple of days. I'm so happy with it. It's tumbled marble set at a diagonal.

The butler's pantry door are glass.

Cooktop waiting to be installed.

Ovens have gone in!

Our big ol pantry.

This is an angle he hasn't sent before, I had no idea that the side of the island contained so many drawers!

Dishwasher going in. Brian, knowing me, also sent pictures of all the model numbers so that I can go online (obsessively?) and check out all the features. He knows me well.
He also sent the below picture so when I can figure out the appliances before we get there. Hmmm, convection is going to require a learning curve.
This is similar to my current pantry. Thinking I could use these for storage containers? You know I'm planning out where all the glasses, plates....are going before we get there, right? I can't sleep at night.

Sometimes Brian includes little captions with the photos he sends, this one was, "Your favorite picture yet...a dream within the dream." It's true, I've been wanting this sort of thing. I dream of trash cans that are hidden in my dream home.

Humidifier, and one of the three thermostats.

Moving on to the bathroom fixtures. Sink faucets

The builder read my mind. When I saw the old shower pic I was wishing there was a second shelf to utilize the space better. I didn't say anything but it magically appeared!

Looking into our bathroom from the bedroom. You can see the Baja Dunes paint color here.
See that little light switch on the wall there? That is to the reading lamps over my head, eeek!

All the bathroom fixtures are the same throughout the house. Four full and one half bath. That is a WHOLE lot of toilets to clean, oy.

Towel bar and toilet paper holder, cause we're all curious, right!?  Also same throughout the house. By the way, I love that there aren't little springy things to take off to refill the roll.

the laundry room has a standard drop in sink and faucet. 
Another shot of the built-ins and fireplace in the great room.

I quick jump outside before we head upstairs. Half of the back porch is a pavilion where we'll put the outdoor table and chairs. They've installed the recessed lighting, not sure if the fan is up yet or not. Here you also catch a glimpse of the painted brick. I love painted brick, not sure what my dad would have thought of that though :)
Bedrooms are really hard to get a shot of. The below four are Kendall's room. Funny thing, Kendall has no idea what the room looks like but she has informed us that she is having the room on the left. She also likes to stand on the left side of the stroller when we're out. Guesses why anyone? Because she has an L in her name. Oy. Ironically this room has a smaller closet and a slightly smaller sink area in the bathroom. Wondering if she'll change her mind once we're there.
Straight ahead into her closet. Shelves in the closet are on each side, I believe.

Honestly not a lot of furniture options. We're thinking we will get a daybed eventually since it will have to be against the wall. Out Kendall's door, across the hall you go up a couple of steps and enter my office. The original plan (of the builder) was for it to be a media room. I love movies, Brian has taken me to ONE movie in the course of our relationship, our first date (false advertisement, I say). Anyway, the space was much better utilized as my office/studio, hee hee.

She has a little nook where her desk will go. Originally we planned for the builder to build it in. He has forgotten and we've decided it's much cheaper to buy one anyway. Bathroom to the right there.

Kate's room. You can see how there is access into her sink room but outside the door there is also access to the Jack/Jill bath. This was a big deal to us. Another house we looked at also had a Jack/Jill bath upstairs but if anyone was upstairs that was the only bathroom to use and you would have to go into a bedroom to get to it. This house has that hall access to the bathroom but also another one in Jack's bedroom. It's just more practical.

In the playroom there is a great closet for storage. We also have walk-in attic access (no stairs needed) for storage as well.
Looking through the french doors to the catwalk and on to Jack's big boy room. 

Jack's room: his bathroom is on the left and the closet just to the right.

I think that covers it! We're almost there! The carpet goes down on the 8th and after that it's just a punch list to go through. Still some lighting and little things between now and then.

Just got an email from Brian that he is uploading a video of the girls' rooms to YouTube, ha!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Photos!

All I asked for on my birthday (yesterday) was updated pictures on the house. Tonight, he delivered. He also ordered my new fridge and sent me flowers. He's a good man that husband of mine, I think I'll keep him.
Brian, do you remember what these fancy downspouts are for? They had a function, right?
They're cute in person, kind of resembling bird houses but I think that they gathered water or something, I don't know. All the cool kids houses had them.

This is a little silly but I really like that roof line. The way it curves a bit there on the end. I know, I'm smitten.

Sprinkler system going in.
Lights still haven't gone in so some of these are pretty dark. The tile backsplash isn't started either.

Here you can see our finished kitchen cabinets. LOVE this color! Granite and brushed nickel knobs installed too. Hardwood floors are still unfinished, it will be dark.
Standing at the island you can see the finished built-ins (with shelves). Quite an impressive pile of crap too. Lovely, let's hope that is being cleaned up due to the floors getting stained soon? A girl can hope.
My bathroom sink, stained frame for my mirror too. That is a whole lotta counter space there. 

Granite close up

Guest bathroom. Just think, you can sit here if you come visit me. Book your travel now :)
Wrought iron is in on the catwalk. Ah, makes me think of Kate getting her head stuck between the wooden ones of our current house. Let's hope this isn't some foreshadowing of events to come.

Here you can see the two paint colors we have. On the let you see my favorite GREY (french door windows are covered due to painting-these are the french doors of Brian's office I believe) I love grey, or more accurately, Baja Dunes by Benjamin Moore. All the bedrooms and both offices are painted this color. On the right is the tan-ish color that covers the rest of the house. I don't have the exact name of this but it's Sherwin Williams, I believe. Once I get in the house and take better pictures of it with furnishings if anyone is interested I can find out what the exact name is. It's a good neutral, warm but not too yellow.

There we have it kids, I hope you enjoyed my birthday gift as much as I did. Brian even called while I was there to see if I had any questions. I, of course, was stumped. As soon as he left I started thinking of a few though, hee hee.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week Three

I have a new goal: learning how to take better pictures of these things. Oy.

Saturday night around 630 Aunt Lorie and Uncle John called to say they were on their way. They knew Daddy was out of town and we had a three day weekend. I was so happy I was crying. They stayed until lunch on Tuesday. What a beautiful gift, we had so much fun with them.

On Thursday this package from Jennie arrived. I am SO thankful for the blessig of her friendship. This is the sweetest, cutest gift. I have felt so loved this week!
Lot of blurred names and such in these photos. All of the photos were taken by either Lorie or John. Included is my Facebook status update when they surprised me by saying they were coming.
Jennie also surprised me by sending this fabulous framed art for my birthday (altered to disguise our states)

Our routine pictures that Lorie took along with our bedtime routine listed, our dinner menu and a note that I put in Kendall's lunchbox that told her Daddy was coming home that night.

We have a tradition when Lorie visits. She always takes 'porraits' but she also captures our everyday life and routines. I know that I will always cherish these photos. Especially as the kids get older.

Night time routine:
Dinner, baths, vitamens and teeth brushing, book prayer and 2 songs.

On the menu: Cheesy Orzo, Roasted Broccoli, Caramelized Chicken.

The one thing that I have struggled with in this project is with who I'm addressing in the notes. I haven't been consistent, some of the time it's addressed to the girls, other times it's not. Not going to worry about it though :)

Project Life 2012: Week Two

Kendall had a sick day this week. The journaling reads:
My poor sweet Kendall Bug. Finishing her 2nd round of meds for her sinus infection, a crazy rash (virus) and today a stomach bug. Special prayers going up for you this week. You worked in your workbooks and watched Stuart Little all day.

I included a piece of artwork by Kate (cut down to size) and a picture of our kitchen island that shows the destruction that occurs when the girls get home from school. Journaling:
Papers from school, snack: fruit & soy milk, sweaters, collection of library good. As soon as the girls get home from school.

I had two inserts this week.
Worksheet of Kendalls.
Worksheet (?) of Kates on back.

Kendall was in our local paper AGAIN

Brian was home this weekend so there is a picture of him during his walk with the kids, Kendall's class is studying weather so I included that since I thought it was a good indicator of the weather that week, the girls busy working on their own things and a house update photo.
With the colder weather we've been playing inside a lot. I love when the girls are busy working on something. Favorites: puzzles books, and Christmas gifts.

I'm having to do a lot of abnormal errands with the house and move so I included a list and some receipts:
To Do Wednesday: renew license, ship 4 packages, notarize document, pick up b-day git, bank, gas, groceries, appointment for home gym pick up.