Thursday, March 15, 2007

You Are My Sunshine

We have had such great weather (up to 80 degrees) until today. Today was rainy and now it's cold again. Kendall did however, get to wear a summer dress for a few days.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stop the Madness

You know that disturbing scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where they are floating down the chocolate river and they enter this tunnel and suddenly they are speeding out of control and all these images flash on the tunnel's ceilings and walls? I always hated that part. However, it is an accurate example of what my brain does when I'm trying to sleep. It zooms from one thought to the next out of control and it's impossible to fall asleep; images flash and then disappear to be replaced by another completely unrelated image. This lack of sleep combined with crazy pregnancy hormones has created one emotional woman. In the book "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" there is an entire chapter titled "Pregnancy Insanity". Before today I think I have had it pretty much under control but nine months of insanity came out today....poor Brian. If there was a pregnancy insane asylum I think that I would be top on the guest list. However, as a result I'm exhausted and so I'm hoping I'll at least be able to fall asleep tonight.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

"How You Are?"

This morning Kendall and I did a big grocery trip. I emailed Lorie to tell her that I would be at the store and to call me if she needed anything. Lorie recently had surgery and is pretty much stuck in bed. We did receive a call so on the way home we stopped at her house to drop of the goods. As we were getting out of the car Dani walks out onto the deck and yells "hi" to Kendall. Kendall looks up, gets excited and says, "Hi! How you are?" just as clear as day. We started to crack up! Kendall always has liked to say 'hi', actually it was her first word (to herself in the mirror). I always say hi back to her and then ask, "how are you?" Guess she got the words mixed up a little.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Eviction Notice

Pursuant to the provisions of RSA 540:2, you are hereby given an eviction notice and notice to vacate, on or before March 19 , 2007, the premises and appurtenances owned by
Ashley of the City Uterus, in the County of Huge-mongous, which premises are now occupied by you (Kate).

Sonogram again today. Looking good in there. The technician again mentioned all the hair that Kate has, I actually saw it floating in all that fluid she has in there. Maybe I should take a pony tail holder for her to the hospital, ha. Since next week is my last (gasp) and since everything looks so good we decided against the sonogram next week (It would be on Friday and my c-section on Monday). I think I'm ready for her now. I didn't get Kendall's room painted, Brian decided he didn't think I should be up on a ladder so I'm looking to hire someone to do it now. Brian needs to install our baby carseat in my car but I want to wait until after Susan gets here so we'll all be more comfy coming home from the airport! I want to bring up the baby swing and get the cover washed this weekend and re-wash the baby sheets, boil the bottles/pacifiers...all little things that wont take much time. I'm going to make a grocery trip and try to get all stocked up on Monday (and maybe again on Friday/Saturday for perishables). Finally I want to do one big house cleaning to have everything ready for my time away. Brian was so cute last night, I was paranoid about being sent to the hospital today (this happens every week before my sonogram) and he was reassuring me how everything would be okay and he said that he and Kendall could have some "quality time together". I loved that. Pictures to come....Brian was out of town with our camera but he is home now. Kendall looks really cute today so I'll take some pictures when we go for our afternoon walk. Until then here is an old picture of Kendall that I love...looking forward to hot afternoons and exposed chubby arms and legs (Kendall's and Kate's not mine).

Monday, March 05, 2007

Just for Justin

I have NEVER not published one of your comments! Either blogger is messed up or you aren't doing it correctly. Stay tuned for requested photo.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gettin' Down to Business

So tonight Kendall tells me, "Poo poo potty" and walks into the bathroom. So I took her in there and we sat together for about 5 minutes or so but regardless of the effort nothing came of it other then these super cute pictures. I'm hesitant to start the process just two short weeks before her world will be turned upside down because I hear so much about how toddlers will regress during these times. I think I will wait a couple months after Kate gets here and get down to the business of potty training.

Speaking of Kate we had our sonogram on Friday and

she is 5 1/2 pounds and is swimming around in only slightly diminished fluid. Fluid loss is expected at this point and mine is still within the safe zone so we're looking good. I'll have another sonogram every week now (really only two more times) just to make sure it doesn't drop. Kate was all curled up in a tiny ball in the same position that she was in last time (head down all on my left side) and she was sucking on her knuckles. We got another 3-D photo and you can see her little shoulder and arm--so very cute. The technician could see hair moving in the fluid so she must have a lot!! Kate now weighs more then Kendall did when we came home from the hospital and as of this week this pregnancy will have lasted longer. When Brian pointed that out it made me feel really at ease, not so anxious about having her too early now.

We've been trying to talk to Kendall about Baby Kate coming home but I really don't know how much she understands. I was telling her how Gram was going to be coming to stay with her too. She is having such a hard time saying Gram for some reason. Every other word she says is getting so much more clearer but we have to keep working on "Deweese". Deweese??

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back to the Bug

Just a few pictures of Kendall. She has been a little monster today I was completely exhausted by 11am. Luckily she is having a nap now and the only thing productive that I have done is make a to-do list (of things that will not get done today). She has been busy lately...messing up Baby Kate's room, walking baby, and creating masterpieces.

Baby Kate news: we have a time for our c-section now. At about 11am on the 19th Kate will be making a grand entrance! We have our ultrasound tomorrow say a prayer today for stable fluid levels or Kate may be making a surprise appearance even sooner!