Friday, September 07, 2012

Sneak Peek

I've been reminded that we are long overdue some new house decorating updates. I'm almost ready, really I'm ALMOST READY to provide those. Until here are just a few little teasers.

Trestle table love.

The LONG searched for antiqued mirrors in mirror frames. Yes, that's a fall pumpkin, it's September don't judge. I love fall.

The most beautiful reclaimed wood art. These puppies weigh 20 pounds or so each (?) and we have four of these beauties. I would love to know where all of the wood came from. Some looks like it may have been in a fire, others you can tell have had hinges or other hardware attached. Gorgeous and big 2 feet by 2 feet each.

So that will have to due for now. Have to get some of these things hung on the wall and styled then I'll be back with a more detailed post

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Look Book

Part of our back to school preparations involved cleaning out the girls closets and finding what they needed. While we sorted and put together new outfits we took pictures to create a little Look Book for each of the girls.
 We will add more photos over time but now they have a nice selection to page through when they get dressed to get inspired by. Of course they don't HAVE to choose one of those outfits but it's working out to be a good way for them to learn what goes with what, which colors work together...

Kendall's attention span for the project lasted much longer than Kate's did so each day that she wears something cute we'll take a quick pic and add it to the book.

I need someone to come in and do this with my own closet!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Routine to Me Part II

The girl's bath routine isn't exactly routine anymore. Sometimes Kendall showers by herself, sometimes with Kate, sometimes they have a bath...just depends on the night and their mood. This night they opted for a bubble bath together. You know how baths are supposed to calm kids? Well, that doesn't happen here, it's gets mine all riled up.

This little boat has a story of its own, it's a story that I'll save for another time but the short version is that my engagement ring was delivered on it, now my kids play with it.
My sweet little brown babies, the summer was good to us.
I do love these sweet girls. 
This is Kendall's "bunny" he has been around awhile and has had a few surgeries and some serious love in his life.
Some last minute rowdiness with Dad then the girls and I read a story from the Bible together. Afterwards Kendall heads to her room for a book with Dad and Kate and I read together. Each girl says their prayers and have a couple of songs before the lights go out.
The girls always hug before bed, actually Kate is quite adamant that Kendall NOT kiss her. I guess she was feeling generous this night with the camera there.
Oh this arm around the neck snuggle. I can't handle it, I dread the day that these little squeezes stop.
They're prayers are always the sweetest. They pray for Shirley in Peru (Compassion International), they had a long list of things they are thankful for: Daddy's job, our house, good neighbors....sweet little voices being thankful.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It's All Routine to Me

So after a yummy dinner, and some outside playing, it's time for bedtime routine. My kids go to bed prettttty early. We've tried later bedtimes but they wake up early anyway so we stick to what works. On weekends and during the summer we will sometimes stay out later to play but for the most part my kids are in bed by 7:00. The girls are allowed to read until 8 but they always opt to go straight to sleep!

I've blogged similar pictures before. I love these bedtime routine pictures. 

He is always so happy to throw away his old diaper.
More pouring water back and forth
I love this picture, the way he's smiling up at me. I know there will be a day that he doesn't look at me quite the same!
Both of my girls have snugglies that are stuffed animals, Jack prefers his blanket.
Daddy always comes in to kiss him while we read a story, say a prayer and sing a couple songs.
See that brown dot on his foot? That's not a bruise, it's a tan line from his pool shoes :) Jack has never been much of a cryer at bedtime. He goes to bed at 7 then sleeps until 7 or 8. We took his pacifier about a month ago and now he'll talk in his bed for awhile, sometimes he yells for me but he doesn't really cry. Honestly I don't mind going in there when it's quiet and dark. He snuggles me in his chair and we talk for about five minutes then he goes down without a peep. He always asks in his sweet little voice, "Sissy night night? Daddy night night??" over and over until he is completely convinced that he isn't missing out on anything.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Every weekend during the summer entire year you can find us grilling. This summer's favorite was surf and turf. We've experimented with different steak cuts, different grocery stores and different recipes (I'll post this summer's favorites at the end of the post. While Lorie was here she caught this everyday routine for us. I really think it's the everyday "traditions" that you remember from your childhood. Sure special occasions stick out but when I think back to my childhood it's those small everyday moments that I look back on with the most fondness.

These pictures were taken over the course of two different dinners so you may notice we have on different outfits. By the way, why am I completely incapable of taking a normal picture? Always a goofy face, maybe that is my normal, ha.
Jack sometimes serenades us on the piano while we cook. Actually he runs back and forth from outside where Brian is manning the grill, he doesn't want to miss anything.
The girls entertain themselves at the bar. Today it was the laptops but usually it's some craft project.
Always a little bit of wine involved. Hilarious that it's next to Brian's wisdom tooth removal medication.
This is Lorie's way of ensuring a picture of me without a funny face.

The goods this night. Our favorite steaks are the filets from Fresh Market. FAR superior to any other cut or store that we've found. We also make shrimp using this recipe with a few modifications. I'm sure the shrimp would be delicious if you follow the recipe as is but if you're interested in my modifications let me know in the comment section.
Brian and his true love
His drink of choice is Bourbon on the rocks. 

My drinks of choice are Diet Dr Pepper and wine. White: Riesling and red I like either Malbec or the red Zinfandel. 

I love how Lorie takes tiny snapshots of the surroundings. This is my Nancy's Haute Affairs corner. Ha, not really but both the salt pig and the cute card came from there. If you're in Pensacola go there and get some cool stuff and I'll be jealous, then tell my sister that I miss her. Really recommend the salt pig though, I use it continually.
This night we served our "chewy beef" (as Kate calls it) with a slaw--we like slaw with a vinaigrette instead of a creamy dressing. To prepare the chewy beef ;) we put salt and freshly cracked black pepper on both sides. After grilling we allow it to sit (tented with aluminum foil) so that the juices can redistribute for five minutes or a little less because I'm impatient.

Sara's Crunchy Cabbage Recipe

Combine 1/3 c oil
3T white vinegar
1 pkg splenda or 2T sugar
1/4t salt
1/2t pepper and seasoning packet from Ramen

Brown Ramen noodles, 1/2c slivered almonds and 3T sesame seeds in toaster oven or regular oven (be careful it's ridiculously easy to burn this stuff). Combine with a bag of cabbage slaw mix.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Everyday Love

This summer Lorie was here for a visit, she is SO good about always taking pictures of our family. I love having the portraits of my kids growing up but my favorites are always the everyday, candid shots.  Actually, I also love that I get to have some pictures with my family since I'm usually the one behind the camera. This summer we visited the pool A LOT, Kendall and Kate's swimming really improved and Jack was the easiest pool goer ever.
Kendall loves being a big sister, here she is using some of our swim lesson techniques to help Kate.

I'm sure you can guess how well this little trick was received.
Sometimes a little time out was necessary. LOVE this stink eye from across the pool.

This is how I spent a lot of the summer. I would sit in the very shallow end and Jack would sit next to me pouring water back and forth in buckets....for hours. He's so easy, he has spoiled me, hopefully next summer he will be as good :)

This is the last weekend our neighborhood pool is open, we actually haven't been in a couple of weeks but we may have to make one last trip.