Monday, October 29, 2012

Boys clothing on a Gap budget

Dressing little boys has gotten SO much easier in the last couple of years. I've pulled ten items from that you can mix and match to make lots of different outfits. Please note that you can find a LOT of similar pieces in Target. They have great gingham button ups, striped tees and jeans. I hesitate to make a Target board (even though I LOVE their little kid clothes---but not their big girl clothes, seriously?!) just because they have so many things on their website to sift through.

Boys clothing on a Gap budget

  1. This is my favorite piece of the entire board, I just think it's so versatile. Jack would wear this to church with the cords or even better, on a weekday I would layer it under the graphic tee and pair with the jeans and desert boots
  2. These other shirts are all basic, comfy, every day shirts. Jack has this orange striped tee, actually he's wearing it today with some navy, knit cargo pants. You can layer any of them under the hoodie.
  3. My little guy plays hard so I tend to put him in dark colored pants, he has no reservations over plopping down in the middle of a dirt pile to play. Dark jeans and a darker shade of corduroys does the trick.
  4. I love how these dark knit cargos are super cozy and comfortable but still cute. 
  5. We have this orange vest, it's VERY plush and looks cute with a lot of different shirts. I would wear it with any one of the shirts on this page.
  6. Mock neck? Elbow patches?! Yes, please.
  7. Desert boots on little guys are seriously cute. The thin sole on this boot makes it flexible so it's easier to walk in. Between these boots and a pair of Navy TOMS or tennis shoes you pretty much have your shoe needs met.
I remember when my oldest daughter was born (seven years ago) I would look through the children's clothing racks and be so thankful that she was a girl. Now it's so easy to find cute little boy clothes!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What I'm Eyeing on an Old Navy Budget-Girls Edition

Let's face it, dressing girls is really fun. It's really easy to buy and spend too much on them but it is becoming increasingly easier to find cute things at good prices. I've collected ten items that I've found on the Old Navy website, many that are on sale for $15 or less. I think all of these are easily mixed and matched too.

What I'm Eyeing on an Old Navy Budget. Girls

My girls love to wear dresses and skirts no matter what the temperature is. We get lots of use out of them even in the winter by pairing them with either skinny jeans layered under them, fun leggings or with tights.

  1. This grey cargo skirt is adorable and a great neutral layering piece. I think it's essential to have some good neutral, classic pieces in any wardrobe. In my closet I tend to spend a bit more on these because I know they'll be worn more but with my kids I know that they're going to grow out of them in a season anyway. I would pair this skirt with a chunky sweater and fun black and white stripped leggings or maybe a cute patterned top and a puffy vest with cable knit tights and tall boots. 
  2. Pattern and color are important to add to any outfit regardless of your age. This shirt is a good way to incorporate both in one piece. You can wear this with the sweater (#6) and denim (either skirt or jeans) or you could wear it with the grey cargo skirt and top it with a jean jacket.
  3. Every little girl needs a jean skirt. I don't think either of my girls have been at an age where they haven't had at least one in their closet. Jean skirts can be worn with so much in any season.
  4. Tall brown boots are really versatile, wear them under wide leg jeans or over leggings and tights with a skirt. This momma takes comfort in thinking they're an extra layer on tiny legs for warmth
  5. Fun socks peeking out of tall boots are cute. Kendall and Kate do it and so do I.
  6. Another neutral layering piece, I keep imagining this with a navy and white wide stripped shirt and jeans. Or you could wear a collared button up and a pink corduroy skirt and fun tights.
  7. Skinny jeans, enough said. 
  8. These dresses look very Crewcuts to me. On really cold days wear one of these dresses with your skinny jeans and a pair of sparkly TOMS or fun print flats (Kendall wears a pair of cheetah print flats with hot pink lining from Old Navy ALL.THE.TIME).
  9. (see #8)
  10. Cute winter coat. Too often our outfit is covered by a winter coat so I think a fun one is in order. 
Make sure you take a peek at my post on creating a Look Book for your kids to help them build confidence in dressing themselves in the morning!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall in the Kitchen

My girlfriend Suzi mentioned that I had left you guys hanging with those teaser pictures. I have found that if I don't have the house exactly like I want then I don't want to show it at all. Well let's face it, my house will never be exactly how I want it or finished. I've reached a point of a blogging paralysis, not because I don't know WHAT to blog but because I have so many ideas that I don't know where to start. I loved having Suzi say specifially what she wanted to see (fall decorating and the results of those teasers).

We hosted a cookout here this month. The beautiful pumpkins were pretty much the extent of the decorating I did.

I also threw together these little burlap and music sheet tags to tie on those that were on the buffet.

A little craft store wheat and various treasure found outside completed it.

This is actually one of my favorite spots in the kitchen. We usually just use oil and vinegar on our salads so it's nice to have them within reach. My little collection of wooden spoons/utensils are also close at hand. I tossed a decorative pear there for the fall.

On each of the tables at the party I had a few of these mason jars wrapped with twine and burlap. In each there are coffee beans and unscented votive candles. They were a really cheap and cute table filler (each table had a linen/cream colored table cloth with a wide piece of burlap crossways on the table)

Our new dining table is sporting some beautiful pumpkins and wheat too. These are low and fairly narrow so they don't have to moved every evening at dinner.

We love the new table in the kitchen. It's much more rustic looking so a better match to the style of this house. Also when we bought the house on our house hunting trip they were mid construction. I didn't have time to go to the lighting store to pick out the light fixtures. Our builder picked out lighting but allowed us to change 20% once we were in. The large one over our table was one of the few that I switched.

Our bedroom is on the main floor of the house. I'm standing near our bedroom door looking into the great room. To the right are four large windows that overlook the backyard. We've added woven blinds and these curtains.This space is a bit of an "open" hallway, just some added space so that you wont have to walk through all the furniture in the great room in order to get to our room. 

It's really hard to tell from these pictures but the artwork is HUGE. Each of the reclaimed wood pieces are two feet squared. They're some of my favorite pieces that we have ever bought, they have the smell of leather, making me think that they possibly were part of a tact room in a barn at some point?

Here's the little man to give you a little perspective on how big they are.
Tucked into a little corner of the kitchen is this little grouping. I purchased these candle sticks when I was in high school for my room. They were HIDEOUS colors....ugly red and one was multi colored. A couple years ago I asked my mom to bring some to me when she came to visit and I spray painted them all a glossy cream color. I switch out the different doo-dads depending on the season. 

Next to the couch is a little stack of books (covers ripped off) again with twine and burlap. These are out year round actually, not exactly seasonal.

Our bookshelves have little bits and pieces of seasonal items. This is one of those unfinished spaces I'm hesitant to post. The entire top row is untouched but I PLAN to put a lot of stacked books, again with the covers ripped off/with some tied with twine. Some will be upright, others stacked.

Our enormous pineapple found a home here.
Left side of built-ins

Right side of built-ins. We actually had a decorator come in and "style" them at one point and I didn't buy a single thing she brought. I don't like clutter or shelves to feel crowded, Brian and I both like the simplicity of the way I had styled it.

Along our dining room table is an old window box found a long time ago at Home Goods with various "filler".

On the buffet.

And finally on the entry table a little book page covered box, pumpkin and a rustic, rusty little iron bird.

 I would love for you to weigh in on what you would like to see more of here on Paper Chick!