Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida I spent the first 20 years of my life with my parents and 7 brothers and sisters. From my siblings I learned to grab the food as it passed by and to speak loudly in order to be heard over the fray. From my parents I learned that kitchens were made to dance in, that singing loud makes up for any lack of talent and that God intended for us to make popcorn on a stove not a microwave.

A cancelled flight home for Christmas in my 20s led me to a get together with friends where I met a brainy, well dressed, and hunky man named Brian. That chance meeting set off a series of events that have shaped my life: a first date on the ski slopes (we'll just say that my grace on the slopes was not what won him over), an engagement ring delivered on a tiny toy boat, a move to Boston, an art degree (mine), an MBA (his), fifteen years, four kids and multiples moves to seven cities in two countries.

This blog is my babbling about the random bits and pieces of our lives, it's tiny deposits in the savings account of memories.

I believe that blogs help us all realize how much alike we are and I want that connection to be two ways so please comment, it will make my day!

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  1. hi this is deb cooper from pinterest.
    oh how smart you are to be recording these little moments now. So wish i had been smart enough back at your age to have journaled the growth of our son and the love that has grown over a 30 yr marriage. Somewhere over the yrs my brain as just deleted many old files, I'm guessing because at the time I didn't see them as important. BOY oh boy what an error in thinking that was.
    about the book if you really want to give it away , yes i would love to have it. Again this is a very sweet offer.
    my email is larissa6177@gmail.com
    I am a 58 yr old semi-retired RN, wife and mother. with a craft thumb, not green. lol
    I spend a lot of my time play with my stach and hunting at thrift stores and charity shops. For what? anything that's a great deal i can alter into art (term used loosely)
    lol i have videos on you tube but don't know how to send you to my channel....remember there is a reason I'm semi-retired, I'm old!! At least at times my brain is...and most of my joints as well. Nursing is very physical as well as mental, more so in my day 40 yrs ago.
    bye for now, hugs deb