Thursday, September 07, 2006

From Bathing Suits to Tights

We're home! We had such a nice week visiting with Ron and Susan in Florida. Kendall did really well with the doggies and she picked up a new habit while we were there...sleeping in! I'm loving it, she is sleeping about an hour to an hour and a half later then she was before we left, I'm hoping she keeps it up! Kendall spent a couple of days with her Gram and Pop while Brian and I took a little vacation of our own to Longboat Key. We spent a lot of time out at the beach and pool, spent a couple hours at the bookstore and took our time eating our meals, reading the paper...ahhhhh. On Monday the boys played golf so at the last minute Susan and I decided to take Kendall to Disney World. She really enjoyed and was only afraid of a few of the characters; she wanted to 'honk' all of their noses though.

Something wonderful happened while we were gone turned cool! I LOVE the change of seasons! There is the perfect crispness in the air this morning. This kind of weather makes me want to do a lot of things like: clean, burn spicy scented candles, bake, eat squash, go the soccer and football games, decorate in maroon and orange colors, drink red wine (although I wont), buy school supplies and clothes like tights and fleece vests. I'm looking forward to cooking winter dinners like stew and bundling up next to the fire with a cozy blanket. Another thing that I learned this morning that I really love is stepping out of the car into cool air and then going around the car to get Kendall's cozy warm and snuggly little body out of the car seat. Just makes you want to hold her close!

Well, I'm off to do some fall like things.

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