Friday, May 01, 2009

Playing Week

Brian was out of town all week so the girls and I have tried to stay super busy. If the amount of dirt in the bathtub at the end of the day is any indication of how good our days have been then they have been great. We've spent a lot of time outside playing on our swingset, digging in the flower beds and we even made a trip to the indoor pool at the gym. The pool is fun but it is so stressful for me. The water depth is just WRONG for Kate. It comes up to about her waist and she is so uncoordinated in the water. She'll fall over and then have her hands on the ground trying to push up but her face is under water the entire time. I'm not the type of mother that follows my kids around the playground but that is what I become at the pool! I stay 3 inches from her and it stresses me out. Last night she was face under and struggling to get up at one point. She was holding onto the railing on some stairs, her hand slipped and she went face into the bar and then later she went face first down a couple of steps. She never cried (until I said it was time to leave) but I could only handle it for about 30 or 40 minutes then we had to leave. She would have been black and blue if we had stayed.
I'm loving Spring this year more then I ever have. I love to walk around our yard to see what has sprung up. I'm also debating a trip to Lowe's (my second in two weeks) to pick up a few things to plant in the ground tomorrow. Yes, the long winter has made me this way but also this yard, I love it. It's kind of fun since we have never lived here in the Spring, it's a surprise to see what is poking up from the ground or what is blooming. The girls just love any excuse to be outside so they don't mind my constant explorations out doors!

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