Thursday, August 18, 2011

12 Months

At one he...
...waves bye bye
...plays patty cake

...likes to carry around his wooden hammer
...loves to brush his hair

...raises his hands in the air when you ask, "How big are you?"
...says DA DA DA all the live long day.

...likes to pull things out or put things in boxes and drawers. Nice when he is cleaning up toys, not so much when he is pulling stuff out of kitchen drawers.

...eats everything, non stop
...rests his head on your shoulder, gives wet kisses, or crawls very quickly to snuggle when you lay on the floor.
...has made us all fall in love with him. so unbelievably squishy that none of us can leave him alone. The poor boy always has one girl or another all over him.

Yesterday the girls were playing at an indoor playground. I stood up to leave and Jack started looking at the play area and yelling very loudly, "DAA!"  "DEE DEE!" over and over.  When I called for Kendall and Kate to get their shoes on he stopped yelling. I'm convinced he was calling for his girls.

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