Tuesday, September 27, 2011

San Fran Part II

After the tour we met with one of Brian's high school friends at The Plant Cafe Organic. I tried the "plant burger" which actually doesn't have any meat, instead it's made with lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews & bulgar wheat. It was actually pretty good but I wouldn't compare it to a real burger. After lunch we took the top off the jeep and headed up to Napa. At this point it was too late in the day for the wineries to be open so we just explored and drove around.
One of the pictures I emailed the girls. The first day there I didn't have a ponytail or a hat so I had quite a windblown look going.
We checked into Vintners Inn which I would recommend in a heart beat. Our room was great with a vaulted, beamed ceiling, and a great little terrace overlooking the fountain. After some research we settled on a small Italian restaurant that was good but not great. We woke up on Sunday and took a run through the vineyards before breakfast. Breakfast was really good, waffle with pureed fruit and fresh whipped cream. Yum AND I didn't have to feed anyone bites of my food AND I got to sit through the whole meal without getting up to serve someone, clean up a spilled drink, remind someone to take bites or chew with their mouth closed, bliss.
The type of photos my Lorie (a photographer) would email back.
Our first winery was Hop Kiln and it was a great, small and informative tasting. I blabbed that it was our first tasting and the guy was great at explaining everything and gave us some extra wine to taste as well. We ordered a few bottles and did a little shopping as well (vinaigrettes, balsamic vinegar). The next winery, Ledson, was a disappointment. Some kid ran the tasting and he clearly didn't really know anything about wines but instead had memorized a response to any possible question, blah. The grounds were pretty so we grabbed some lunch and ate next to their vineyard.
Hop Kiln Winery

That night was the wedding and we had a blast. Brian's business school buddies are great, interesting people and we had so much fun hanging out and dancing with them. I will say I am feeling some embarrassment and regret over a running man attempt. Why, why do I do that, there is never a time when the running man is attractive. The worm, that is a dance that is cool I need to practice that one.

Stay tuned for part three, it includes a wrong turn, farm animals, an empty gas tank and a bit of car sickness.

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