Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In My Pocket

Is that a creepy title? I'm talking about the Pocket app anyway not my pants pocket 'cause that would just be weird.

It's not uncommon that I come across something on the internet that I want to come back to: an article I like, an image that inspires, list of links I don't have time to explore at that moment, a recipe I want to remember. Pinterest is the obvious solution for the visual images that I want to hang on to but the other stuff, what do you do with it. If I just try to remember to come back it just won't happen. I have three kids and the world's worst memory. In these situations I use the Pocket app. Generally I save to Pocket via my Feedly app (don't worry a Chick's list of Favorite apps is in the works) where there is a little 'pocket' icon that I just tap but you can also save from your browser, twitter, clipboard…then later when the kids are in bed and I'm sitting on the couch exhausted I can pull up the pocket app and browse all the things I had saved.

So what's in my Pocket now? Here's a fun collection for your browsing pleasure.

I pocketed this image, I'm currently on the lookout for cute cooler weather clothes. This outfit was found via Polyvore, a site that I occasionally use to make mood boards. I use mood boards for planning a room or for blogging. Here is a post where I used Polyvore to make a mood board of the Chicklet's Christmas Wish List.

I also saved a 6th Street Design School post giving home tours of two houses. I'm currently wanting to add a lot of color, maybe not as much color as is in this house but I thought that I could possibly use some of the ideas as inspiration.

Actually I don't love a lot of that house, the house that I'm really loving right now is nieniedialogues

The rug! The wall color! The wood plank above the fire place. The crisp white woodwork, sigh.

This is what I want, a bunch of fun colored pillows!

Also from her blog I pocketed this recipe. Which we tried and loved although we had a bit of a mixup as to what a "cube" of butter was. Turns out its a stick. In our confusion we added WAY less than called for but I would still totally recommend.

Speaking of recipes I also pocketed this from Life in Grace. We haven't made this one yet but yum.

I loved this photo on Apartment Therapy's post on displaying kids' artwork.

There are always a few tutorials in my pocket of things I want to make. HowAbout Orange has a tutorial for a cute wallet.

I also saved a link for this duffel pattern.

I'll leave you with one last picture, pocketed from Ali Edwards blog because other peoples work/create spaces always inspire me


  1. Blueberry Lemon anything is delicious. Cutest wallet ever. Ali's desk freaks me out!

  2. Love the different colored pillows, the wallets are A-Dor-Able!! you make, I'll buy ;). I love to display my kids artwork....super cute! Love that your much fun to read!!!