Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This Girl

This little lady is turning 12 today, in honor of her special day I want to share with the world how spectacular I think she is.

Last year about this time Kendall started feeling really sick and we just couldn't seem to get her healthy. For months she struggled with headaches, tummy troubles, fatigue and dizziness...eventually we noticed some behavior changes in her as well. Initially I thought I was getting a glimpse into the teen years that people had warned me about but we knew that she just wasn't being herself and I didn't want to believe that this was our new normal. We tried a number of different things but we never got our old, sweet Kendall back. Our move here was the first time ever that a move completely threw her for a loop, we struggled a lot. We cut out sugar, we visited a number of doctors and nothing seemed to help until Brian made her an appointment with a doctor that he sees (one not quick to prescribe for symptoms, one that was willing to dig for the actual cause of the symptoms). It turns out that this sweet girl of ours is allergic to: soy, dairy, gluten AND chicken!! For months she has been eating "clean" and I can say we have our girl back finally. She's feeling much better and she is back to her old self.

Twelve can be a hard age and at a time when many her age are just trying to fit in and many have a complete lack of self control this rockstar is checking food labels, carting a lunchbox to various school/church outings (because they ALWAYS SERVE PIZZA) and has self control like you wouldn't believe.

I want to brag a little more about her.
This girl:

  • Is empathetic like no other, she wants everyone to feel included and is kind to everyone.
  • Is incredibly perceptive, she picks up on every tone of voice and facial expression and as a result can get her feelings hurt pretty easily.
  • Is a "little momma" she's going to be a great baby sitter and mom one day. She doesn't get distracted, she walks Piper around the playground watching out for hazards.
  • Is self motivated to do her work. I never tell her to do her homework, usually it's finished before she gets off the bus.
  • Is recognized by her teachers and peers as a generally awesome person. The last two schools she attended she was recognized in the first month there and awarded some award due to various character traits.
  • Keeps her room clean!

I could go on and on, she's a girl that I thank God every night that I get to be her mom. He is using these food allergies to teach her so much and I can see her growing from it. I can't wait to see how she uses her compassion as she gets older. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Kendall Bug. I think you are pretty amazing, too! I only wish I got to spend more time with you!! Keep that sweet personality and that pretty smile - I can't wait to see all the amazing things you achieve. Love, Katie

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Miss Kendall! We miss you up here in Calgary, but it looks like you are having a lot of fun in Texas! We hope you have an amazing day! Love, Julie & Marcos, Alexis, Liam and Sophia

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to this sweet sweet girl :) We love you to the moon and then some. You are perfect in every way and I can't wait to celebrate such a sweet day with you <3 With love~ The Schall Crew

  4. Happy Birthday, my sweet Kendall Bug! You have no idea how much we all love you! I remember the day you were born (I got to leave school early so I could be at the hospital :)) and I can't believe it has already been 12 years. It has been awesome watching you grow up into the amazing person you are. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what God has in store for you. Time to get your buns back to KY because I miss you so much! I love you!
    (Jesse, Luke and James love you and hope you have a wonderful day, too)

  5. Kendall Bug, I love you so much sweet thing. Everything Mom wrote is so true about you and I am so glad I get to be your Aunt. I love seeing what God is doing in your life and I love seeing how you love Jesus. You are simply amazing and I can't wait for you to come move closer to me! I need you in my life more. Love you more than you will ever know! Happy Happy Birthday! Aunt Lorie

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't believe that you're turning 12 today. You have always been the sweetest, most kind girl. Julia was blessed to have you as her neighbor and friend in Tulsa. We were all blessed. Wishing you your best year yet! I know God has big plans for you!
    Love always,
    The Vanni Family

  7. Nancy Silivos4:40 PM

    Oh Kendall, How lucky I am to have a niece like you. Beautiful inside and out! I am so proud of the young lady you have become. You are awesome! I love you. Aunt Nancy

  8. Happy birthday Kendall!! May God bless your life in a mighty way!! 💕 Love you!! Aunt Paula

  9. happy birthday sweet, sweet Kendall Bugga!!!!
    The Smiths love you bunches too and hope to see you soon!!!!!

  10. Happy birthday to you,sweet Kendall! Your mom and I were the best of friends, growing up. I love to read about you and your sweet little family. So happy to watch you grow into such a smart, beautiful, loving,and kind young lady. Xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday Kendall!!! We love you so much and miss you like crazy! Maggie always talks about you and asks when she can see you again. Thank you for being so kind and caring with her and Nolan. You are such an amazing young lady. We hope that you have a special day. Lots of kisses and hugs from Aunt Kim, Uncle Dan, Maggie and Nolan.

  12. HaPpY 12th BiRtHdAy, sweet Kendall!! You are so beautiful inside and out! Wishing you a blessed year ahead and hoping all of your bday wishes come true!! Xoxo

  13. Hi Kendall, I can't believe you're 12! I feel like my real adult life started when I became your dad, and I'm lucky that I got to love you first. You're very special to Mom and me and I treasure so many memories with you in these 12 years doing things together. Happy birthday! Love, Dad

  14. Bonjour Kendall Bugga
    Wish I could hug ya
    Je t'aime beaucoup
    Ma petite Chou
    We will soon fly
    To see you in July
    Maybe we could swim in your pool
    With Kate, Jack and Jewel
    It might even be groovie
    To take in a new movie
    Until we see you then
    Happy Birthday from Gram

  15. Happiest 12th Birthday, Kendall! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your first birthday and you and Anna were running all over town together as little toddler BFFs! We hope your birthday is as lovely as you are, and that your 12th year will bring only the best for you! Can't wait to make new memories with you guys! Love, The Fornwalts

  16. Kendall bug!! I do not believe you're 12! There's no way!

    I remember holding you in the checkout line of a store when you were a newborn and someone asked if you were my baby. While I pretended to be offended that they thought I was a mother at age 16, I was secretly proud to pretend you were mine. :) Today, I could not be more proud to call you my cousin! You are so beautiful, but what's even better is how beautiful your heart is. You love Jesus and it shows! Can't wait to see you continue to grow into the amazing woman God has formed you into. Love you!

  17. Happy birthday sweet Kendall! We wish you the happiest of days today as you celebrate. Lots of love to you from your Indiana cousins, Lesley, Stan, Hannah, Logan, Stella, Benjamin, and Natalie ❤️

  18. Happy Birthday Kendall. I can't believe you are 12 already. I feel very special because you are my grand daughter. One of my most special times was our trip to the Eiffel Tower. It was special because I did it with you. You make me feel happy because I am your Pop. I wish we lived closer together so I could see you more often, but living far away makes each visit extra good. I am proud that as you are growing up you are also make good choices and decisions.
    Love, Pop

  19. Ashley10:50 PM

    Happiest of Birthdays, Kendall! We have loved watching you grow and mature these last few years. I think you have faced recent changes in your life with more grace and determination than women double your age. We, Queens, think you are pretty amazing. I've always told your mom but now I'll tell you...I know God has big plans in store for you because you love big and you love fierce - just like he does.

  20. I won't forget that our first meeting was at your Uncle John's retirement party. You were one of the adorable children bringing worms (yes worms) around to show off! It's been so charming and lovely to watch you grow up and explore the world (via social media.) You're precious! As God unfolds your future, be assured that many people are praying over your life. Bless you!! And happy birthday!!! Jen Enmen

  21. Happy Birthday Kendall.... it's been a few years since I've seen you and you may not even remember me and my husband Micheal. We always thought you were such a sweet and pretty little girl. We hope that you have an awesome birthday and do some fun things today. Love your sweet mom and dad also. I know you are a super big sis to your siblings and especially that sweet precious Piper. Marsha and Michael Tudor.

  22. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Kendall! We are so blessed to know you and your precious family. We hope your day is amazing and that you feel the love ❤️ Craig, Randi, Hayes and Hatcher

  23. Happy Birthday, Kendall! Hope it has been a great day! Lots of love from some of your Indiana family. Adam, Sarah, Eva, Aubrey, and Lottie

  24. Happy birthday sweet Kendall! We hope you've had a wonderful day and that you have felt the love everyone is sending you! We love you sweet cousin!
    Jessica, Nate, Kyle, Logan, Matthew, Michael, Bailey, Sky, Leah and Jaxon

  25. Kendall! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. We have such fun memories with you. Wish we lived closer so I could make some more!
    Love, Suzi, Matt, Makenzie and Brayden