Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Long Time No Blog

So Brian has been out of town for almost TWO weeks now (he'll be home soon). He took the camera with him and I have not really felt like doing much of anything other then crashing on the couch lately. I have managed to keep the house clean but still Kendall and I decided to get everything super spiffy for him today. Kendall has always thought that the vacuum was funny and our rooms have always had Kendall sized spots that were not vacuumed (since she would sit in the middle of the floor and laugh at it) but now that she is walking she thinks that she should be doing the vacuuming. So now I have a little "helper" that stands between me and the vacuum cleaner and pushes with all her might. When we get to a wall she goes around and pushes it back toward me with the air blowing her hair out behind her. She also had to have her own sponge to clean the coffee table with. She has her own broom but she has decided that it is much more fun to run after mine.

She has been really good since Brian has been gone, especially when you consider that she has an ear infection and crazy diaper rash. I'll spare you the info on the nose drainage. She has such a great sense of humor and is so sociable (with strangers!). Lately I've been camping out on the living room floor while she plays all around me and she'll come over, do something silly to get my attention and then crack up at herself. She will just come over and kiss me at random points too, such a sweet girl.

We are looking forward to having Brian home with us again though. We both miss him so much. Usually Kendall wakes up while Brian is getting ready for work so she goes to the bathroom door and bangs on it, the first few days he was gone she would just yell "DAAAA" at the door. Brian usually holds her on the way from the church nursery to the car so when I picked her up on Sunday she was looking around like crazy trying to find him.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Sorry you miss brian so much. The reunions are always so nice. Kendall likes things to be spotless like her daddy.

  2. Can you send your little helper over to clean my house too? :)