Thursday, August 03, 2006

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't been posting, I've been in recovery mode. Don't think that I've really made it to "recovered" yet but I'm certainly on the way. I've been really pacing myself and just doing a little bit of productive stuff and a little more resting. Yesterday Kendall took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap and I took full advantage of it by.....Sleeping. I had a really hard time dragging myself out of bed when I heard her too.
As of this afternoon Kendall is doing more walking then crawling and I promise to get a picture tomorrow. At one point I was on the phone with Brian and she walked through my legs and kept going. She is turning around and bending to pick things up too. One thing that she doesn't do regularly is stand up on her own in the middle of the floor, instead she will usually crawl to the nearest object or leg and use it to help her get into a standing position.
Today I had a doctor's appointment that went well. That's all I'm going to say about that for now.
Brian will be going out of town soon, I'm a little bummed about the solo parenting that goes along with his business trips. I'm looking forward to a couple of days off when we go to visit Susan and Ron. I told Brian tonight that I want to do two things when we are on our own: a) go to breakfast and relax with a newspaper and take as long as I want and b) go to a bookstore and spend a couple hours just browsing. I miss both of those things, it's too hard with a baby.
Pictures to come tomorrow

Oh one more thing. This afternoon I was sprawled on the living room floor "relaxing" while Kendall played around and on me (she thinks I'm a jungle gym). At one point she toddled over with her new book (thank you Jennie, Nathan, & Anna) and plopped it down on top of my face...subtle isn't she?


  1. Yay Kendall for walking so well! When Brian is out of town we can have lots of playdates so the girls can show each other their new skills :)

  2. I thought we were going to see a walking picture? We are waiting....