Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh Where, Oh Where Has This Blogger Gone?

Well, we've been to Kansas and back. in a moment of excitement (or possibly insanity) I decided to drive to Kansas for Jessy's graduation. I couldn't have done it if it weren't for Lorie (who drove with me). On the way up we even stopped in St. Louis to visit Bruce which was super great! I loved seeing where he lives and seeing his garden and briefly meeting a couple of his friends. We were only there for an hour but we had a lot of driving left to do. We also had a lot of screaming left ahead of us as well as a lot of stopping left to do too. Kendall and Kate had a tag team crying fest going on towards the end causing an eleven hour trip to take us fourteen hours getting us there at about 2am. The first night was rough after getting Kendall to sleep I was so worried that Kate would let out a cry and wake Kendall up that I was pretty much all over her all night trying to keep her quiet, she got fed up with that and had a bit of a crying spree of her own. Finally, I fell asleep at about 6am (7 our time). After that we did a little rearranging of sleeping arrangements (Sara had it set up so nicely for us) and from then on it was a piece of cake. Kendall was very good about going to bed and Kate kept her nap schedule up. I had such a fun time visiting with everyone. Sara's kids are great. I meant to take pictures of their newly finished basement bathroom because it was FANTASTIC! I loved it. The trip home was slightly less eventful and only took us 12 hours. I have spent the rest of the week recovering my sleep and house. I think I have gotten the ENTIRE house clean for the first time since Kate has been born, ahhh what an accomplishment.

Yesterday was well check-ups for both of the girls. Kendall had a bit of a breakdown and demonstrated her amazing strength when it took both the doctor and I to hold her down just to check in her ears and throat!! Luckily she didn't require shots...unlike poor Kate who got four. Kate is quite possibly the happiest baby ever. During one of her feedings today she couldn't stop smiling at me and the other night while sleeping she busted out belly laughs! She is completely holding her head up on her own and cooing and talking up a storm. She and Brian carried on a five minute conversation tonight gurgling and cooing at each other. They are keeping me busy and off of the computer resulting in these sporadic blog posts, sorry!!


  1. Look at their little super model poses. Ridiculously cute.

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Kansas should be called the windy state. Just look at Kendall's hair. It makes for nice wind blown looks with no fan needed. By the way, I loved Sara's bathroom too. If I ever redo mine, I'd like to use the same floor.