Sunday, May 06, 2007

Speed Bump

I never thought Kendall paid attention to the TV when it was on but I guess she caught the coverage of Brittney driving while holding her baby (who, like Kendall, was trying to escape the paparazzi. By the way thi

s car doesn't even belong to us, Kendall has decided our neighbors have a much better yard then us and she makes herself at home (with permission) on their toys and swingset.

Congrats to Jenn & Justin on running their first marathon, you rock!


    Love the cozy coupe.

  2. I think these cars really are called Cozy Coupe. Maybe Jenn got her Bug because there are some similarities with her childhood love of the Cozy Coupe. Or she is already scouting Coupe's for the first Wilkey child (so many colors to pick from), or perhaps she has considered giving it to Kendall as a gift, or maybe Fuji drives one around in the basement after he has had one two many Weidemann's, or ...