Monday, August 23, 2010

Life is Good with Jack

Somehow I managed to get the best baby in the entire world. Seriously, he rarely cries, he sleeps well, he eats well...

Kendall and Kate can't keep their hands off of him, or their lips off of him. Ok, I can't either.

Another admission, I don't mind the night time feedings. Sure, I'm exhausted and look forward to a full night's sleep but I love that quiet uninterrupted snuggle time. I love the baby grunts and squeaks and smells. I like to put him on my chest to burp him, he pulls his knees up so that his little bottom rests in my hand and he is this tiny ball of yumminess. I like to rub his sweet little peach fuzzy head and bury my nose in his soft neck to take all the kisses I want. I love how after eating and burping and changing I wrap him all up and lay him in the bassinet and he just peeks at me and then closes his eyes and goes off to sleep. Three to four hours later we do it all over again.

I'm having a hard time sharing him. Of course not with Brian, I LOVE to see him snuggling our sweet baby boy, but with other people. I can't walk away, my arms feel empty, something is missing and I can't relax until he's back against me and I can get my fill of his sweet baby smell. Three is our stopping point.  Every day I am one day closer to being out of this newborn stage, out of this baby stage, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I know as soon as the next stage comes I'll love it but saying goodbye to each day is still hard, maybe that is why I'm cherishing those middle of the night hours.
But for now we are just staying close to home, close to him and wrapping ourselves in this blanket of babiness that has come into our house.


  1. I feel the same way during those overnight feedings. I groan when I get up, but once I hold him...clearly he needs more kisses. :)

    Love that last picture of Jack! He looks like he already has a little hairstyle!

  2. This is so precious! I love hearing how much you are cherishing each moment!
    Love you and miss you!