Monday, July 26, 2010


These girls crack me up. Sometimes they are just so cute that I have to grab my camera. Well, Kendall had no problem letting me snap one of her but Kate did not want to participate. Kendall asked, "Do you want me to put my hand out like this and pretend that Kate is here (her arm 'around' her sister). HA, yeah, that will be perfect honey, just like that.

Finally Kate agreed to let me take her picture, only a little bit of bribing was required.
I realized today that Kate thinks the song "Skip to my lou" is about her because we always call her Lou, Sissy Lou, or Lou Lou. 


  1. Of course it is about her... duh!
    Love that Kendall did that... awesome!!

  2. Can I just say - I love that you're blogging again. :)
    We're hoping to get up there the end of August (22nd?) - haven't mentioned it to Lori yet so don't say anything!
    Thinking about you and baby Jack so much lately. Can't wait to meet him. Praying all goes well for you both!!!