Sunday, February 20, 2011


He will grab my face and pull it to him for a big, wet kiss.
He will play on his own for a LONG time.
He is endlessly entertained by the silly noises his sisters make.
He rolls around like a little puppy.

A little hair trim is going to happen soon since he has a little alfalfa action on top.
Sometimes I catch him and his dad hanging out and watching Purdue basketball together.
He hasn't met a food he didn't like.
I haven't found a food he doesn't spit up on me later.

Six months is the BEST age.
Thigh rolls are delicious.
His giggles are one of my favorite sounds.
I'm constantly sticking my fingers in his mouth waiting on those bottom teeth to pop through.

How can I keep him like this forever?

1 comment:

  1. Jack, Jack, Jack!
    Can't wait to watch him grow. Love how he is so different from others, yet still a little Sampson.
    Want some of that gitty meat. Stop growing.

    IWTSTSOOY! I love you!!!