Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Amazon Wish List

I wanted to take a quick minute to share with you one more thing that makes life flow a little more smoothly. In the past I have faced a holiday or a birthday with absolutely no idea what to get my kids and no idea what I wanted either.  I know that throughout the year there are things that we come across and want but when it comes time to get them I can't remember! Recently I started using Amazon.com's wish list. I downloaded the little button for my tool bar (see below on the top left of the screen shot it says "wish list") and now when I come across a cool gadget or toy I can just click that button and it adds  to our wish list.  Now when I face a birthday I can browse through the items that I marked through the year and either load up my Amazon cart or make a list to carry to the worlds most fun place...Target.

Fun things you would find on our list would include:
Pottery Barn Daily System
See the picture, the sun is shining down on it and the angels are singing, can't you hear them? 
Even I could be convinced to drink milk if I could have it out of this glass:
Anything that would make grocery shopping easier:

I'm curious, what's on your current wish list?

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