Monday, April 04, 2011

Cheap Cheep Chicks

Monday's grump deterring activity was a success. The girls had fun, they were able to do all steps on their own, it was fairly quick and managed to transition them into solo play without the usual post preschool grumpiness.

I think I may have shown this before but here is a closer look at how I use Google calendar for meal and activity planning. In Google you can create different "calendars" that all show in your main page (shown in different colors). I have one for each: general (appointments, school events...), activity, meal, and Brian's travel schedule. You can create reminders that either pop up on your screen or email to your account--could be used to send a reminder to yourself a few days before a birthday so you get a card in the mail on time (I get a great big FAIL for this). Every month the preschool sends home an outline with important dates, I input show-and-tell dates with reminders that morning.

So there you go. Tomorrow we get to go to Kindergarten screening for Kendall, she is SO excited! 

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  1. Cute chicks!...the blue ones and the not blue ones. :)
    Kendall is going to knock it out of the park tomorrow! So exciting and fun.