Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating Kendall

We had Kendall's Tangled themed birthday party today. Luckily we had our party photographer handy to take lots of pictures. We had hoped to have the party outside but this nonstop rain kept us indoors

Guests were directed to a "photo booth" where they could choose from a variety of props and take a picture with the birthday girl (who choose the tiara every.single.time).

Some of the guests preferred to have their picture taken alone.

We decorated princess crowns and swords while we waited for the everyone to arrive.

Next we had a yummy lunch of grilled hot dogs, veggies, fruit salad, and chips. The kids were so incredibly cute sitting at the table chatting about various things--primarily Tangled related things.
Next we tried to play a funny little game. Last night we spent far too much time blowing up sooo many balloons, we also attached rubber bands to each one and at the party we put one on each of the kids legs. They were supposed to pop each others balloons while keeping their own intact. My fear was that they would all be too timid to pop a balloon. However I was wrong, the kids jumped in without a problem and attacked each others balloons with gusto. The lesson is that next time I will buy really cheap balloons because we just could not pop the things!! The game went on far longer then I had planned until I deemed that there were multiple winners!

We had better luck finding a winner in the next game: Pin the nose on Flynn Rider. If you haven't seen the movie then this makes no sense to you. This was a game we decided on at about 11pm last night so I drew this Wanted poster and created various noses for the kids to pin on. We actually had three winners! Luckily I had purchased extra "prizes."
We finished up with opening presents. 
Then we had to immediately open some of the presents of course.
The kids left shortly after. The girls with their bubbles and pansy flowers and the boys with bubbles and swords. Uncle Jeff, Pat and Great Gram stuck around and we were able to visit with them.
They were subjected to the photo booth too :)

Finally Kendall and Kate spent a little bit of time outside on Kendall's new bike.
What a fun day!


  1. 1. Cute shirt, mommy!
    2. Who is the foreign gentleman in the third picture?
    3. Great Gram in the photo booth = awesome
    4. Super drawing skills, adorable banner
    5. Kendall = little Ashley
    6. Anna says to tell Kendall that, "I am also six and I love you".


  2. Happy Birthday Kendall! Looks like a fun party.

    "This was a game we decided on at about 11pm last night so I drew this Wanted poster" talented!