Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Telling Our Story

Do you have any idea how desperately I want to have a written blog every single day? Badly. I want our story recorded. Two things stop me 1) Exhaustion. Pure exhaustion. I go go go all day long, especially now that school is out and Jack is crawling. I was so thankful for rain today because we were trapped inside. Usually it's breakfast, fast house clean up, pack a picnic, gym class, pool all day, "Mommy school," cook dinner, clean up dinner, bath and bed. If I don't fall asleep when the kids go down (I'm not kidding, sometimes I don't even come downstairs after putting them to bed) then the last thing I want to do is think of something witty to say on here. That brings me to part 2) Perfectionism. I want it all--an accurate story, a couple chuckles and nicely edited photos. It just isn't going to happen. Then I think of something I want to tell but I remember that I still haven't blogged about all the field trips and the end of school parties and surely I should cover all that before I mention the silly thing the kids said today. So instead I do nothing. But I miss it, not the doing but just having it all recorded. There are so many stories I want told.
I'm not here to make promises or even set a goal for myself but I am here reminding myself that I want it written, this story of their childhood, this story of our craziness and this story of exhaustion. Pure exhaustion, pure fun filled, baby chasing, pool splashing, mommy schooling exhaustion. Plain and simple.
Just to feel a little caught up here is a quick recap with some unedited, imperfect photos.
Jack was a big hit at the field trip

The water table and hurricane wind simulator was fun too

We went skating. In short, it was hilarious and awesome. Sadly they don't even make regular skates small enough to fit my little nuggets feet so she had to sport these plastic kicks.

Actually, we found out that Wednesday night is free family skate night and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be back. Cause, you know, I'm not exhausted enough.
We toured the firehouse. When we got there Kate marched up to the fireman and declared, "My sister is six." 
It is now 7:30pm and I may have just drooled on my computer when I dozed off while waiting for that photo to load. 

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  1. Editing photos? What's that?! I barely have time to write a few sentences, much less edit photos. But I'm always happy when I look back at the things I did write. Embrace imperfection! ;)