Sunday, December 11, 2011

32 While 32

I love fresh starts. I am one of the rare few that like Mondays. I love having everyone home on the weekend and cherish those moments but then I like getting back into our regular weekday routine on Monday. I love summers at home and the chaos that ensues but I then I love the start of a school year. Same goes for vacations, new years and big moves. For us moving houses, the new year AND my birthday will all fall in the same month for us. I've been giving some serious thought to my 32 things I want to accomplish in my 32nd year. Here is what I have so far:

  1. Explore our new city
  2. Learn to felt wool
  3. ski- water, snow, I would even count jet skiing at this point. 
  4. volunteer: alone and with the girls
  5. Project Life --this is the year I will do this. I don't plan to start on January 1 just once I get settled in the new house a bit
  6. Bible Study- Hopefully at our new church but if not I'll do an online one
  7. Send some birthday cards. No specific goal, sending one will be an improvement
  8. Take an artsy class--could tie in with "learn to felt"
  9. Commit one random act of kindness each month--get the kids involved and let them witness me doing it
  10. Find and join a church in our new city
  11. December Daily project--I've done this since living here but would like to record our new house/new traditions next year
  12. Gym 3+ times/week
  13. Get some of our memorabilia properly stored--While cleaning out this week I've found some boxes that include the letter Brian wrote to me on our wedding day, concert ticket, baby hospital papers... really want this sorted and archived
  14. Complete one room each month--no more waiting around until the house is on the market this time
So I have 18 more to come up with. I have a little over a month to finish compiling the list. I know that I'll have some house related goals, child raising goals...the 14 I've listed will keep my busy, I think I need a few easy to mark off ones. This gets me excited, I love fresh starts. 

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