Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Sweet Sound In Your Ear

I love you Lord and I lift my voice,
To worship You.
Oh my soul rejoice.
Take joy my King,
In what you hear.
May it be a sweet sweet sound in Your ear.

I have another blog post in mind so check back later tonight.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


He will grab my face and pull it to him for a big, wet kiss.
He will play on his own for a LONG time.
He is endlessly entertained by the silly noises his sisters make.
He rolls around like a little puppy.

A little hair trim is going to happen soon since he has a little alfalfa action on top.
Sometimes I catch him and his dad hanging out and watching Purdue basketball together.
He hasn't met a food he didn't like.
I haven't found a food he doesn't spit up on me later.

Six months is the BEST age.
Thigh rolls are delicious.
His giggles are one of my favorite sounds.
I'm constantly sticking my fingers in his mouth waiting on those bottom teeth to pop through.

How can I keep him like this forever?


She would much prefer to be home with me then go to school.
She is very performance driven. Give her a sticker chart and she can accomplish anything.
She can read...although I'm still trying to convince HER that she can (she is always surprised when she finishes a book).
She loves to sing and dance.

I love that she loves art, drawing and doing crafts.
I love that she has such a clear sense of right and wrong.
I love that her maternal instinct is so strong at such a little girl age.
I love to see her brain working numbers like her dad.

She can worry with the best of the worriers. Lately she has been fear free though.
She has been known to organize her dresser drawers without being asked.
I can tell that she will never grow out of wanting to be snuggled.
But there are days when she doesn't want to hold my hand in the parking lot already.
It's happening too fast.


She has a mind of her own.
She is a bit of an instigator.
She has no problem playing away from the pack, doing her own thing.
She has the most animated face.

I love tucking her in at night, the way she asks for hugs and holds my neck so tight.
I love the way she has memorized the Three Little Pigs book and will fill in words when I pause during the story.
I love the way her guard is so completely down around me and she'll break out in a dance complete with bootie wiggle. Being a mom is the greatest.
I love how she is so laid back.

Cleaning up is not one of her strengths.
She loves to go to school.
When she was sick last week she also loved that she got to stay home, "Just Mommy and me...and Baby Jack!"
When given limitless options of movies she'll pick Barney nearly every time.
I mourn the day she wont want to wear her Elmo undies anymore.
One day she'll walk calmly instead of skip, gallop and dance her way around. 
Where is the pause button?