Friday, August 10, 2012


He turned two this week.
He is quite possibly the yummiest thing on this planet. Every day I ask him, "I need to eat you up, where should I start?" He'll point to his neck, after I've gobbled there a bit he'll point out another spot.
He is fairly social. Any time I'm on the phone or someone comes to our house Jack will look at me, point at the phone or guest and ask, "I hi?" He's asking to go say hi to them. After I give permission he'll walk over and say hi or just walk over and wave to them.
He is SO easy. My easiest kid by far. At the pool I can sit on the lounge chair and he'll sit and pour water back and forth the entire time, or roam around outside the pool looking for treasures (rocks). I finally took his pacifier away, he had been using it for naps and bedtimes. The first night of its absence I anticipated a loooong night, I didn't hear a peep out of him. Why did I wait so long?
He seriously has one of the greatest smiles. I can't handle his little teeth. Can.Not.Handle them.
He was reeeealy slow to talk but it's all coming to him now. His standard answer to any question though is "Sissy." This is really funny when we ask questions like, "Who made this mess? or "Who pooped your pants?"
I love to see him run. I get the opportunity a lot. His legs, they're just so short, so his steps are ridiculously small. It's amazing how fast he can get them going though. They spin, like the road runner did in those old cartoons and his tiny little arms flail around to keep his body upright. I laugh every time. We laugh a lot.
He's our last baby, our last toddler. I have SUCH mixed emotions about this. I rejoice over getting rid of a ton of baby gear, I cringe at the thought of my arms being empty of little baby legs and smelly toddler feet. I can't think about it, instead I just inhale the scent of sunscreen and sweat from his hair any time he's anywhere near me. I take snapshots of him running and imbed the image in my brain. I make a deposit in the savings account of memories and thank God for each day second.

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  1. I agree. He is the yummiest! Can I have him please?