Saturday, August 11, 2012


She has really changed this last year. She is still incredibly laid back but also really sensitive. She's so go with the flow and social in group settings but has no problem whatsoever playing on her own. Lately she'll get her feelings hurt at the drop of a hat and the waterworks will start.
She has more personality than she knows what to do with it. Really, personality out the wazoo. I love that she is so unconcerned by what others will think and I really hope she can hold on to that as she gets older.
She, like her sister, loves music. It's not uncommon to see her with headphones on and singing at the top of her lungs. 

Tangent: I have so many fond memories of growing up that involve music. My mom would sing songs in the car that her parents had sang to her, my dad used to pull out his guitar and sing ridiculous songs. Every trip to our extended family involved bands and stomping dancing, the monotony of every day cleaning was broken up by a dance around the kitchen. I think back on those times and count those as gifts from my parents. It's a gift I plan to pass down to my kids. Those songs that my grandmother sang to my mom can now be heard in my own house, two little girls that belt them out at the top of their lungs broken up only by their giggles. Dancing around our kitchen is not uncommon, although I admit it's not the waltz my kids are doing, there is far more bootie wiggling involved.

With that said, I'll repeat that she loves music. I love that she loves music, even if it means that occasionally she will belt out (in a very public place) an embarrassing line from a country song.
She has the most expressive face. You know exactly what she is feeling at any given moment because her feelings are written all over her face...usually she's feeling extreme happiness and she has the smile to prove it.
She can make a mess like no body you know. Her bathroom mirror is about three feet above her head so I have no idea how she gets water marks way up at the top. Brushing her teeth usually requires a blow dryer and a change of clothes afterwards and don't even get me started on her room.
She has learned a lot this summer. Her swimming really improved these last couple of weeks, she has become really independent, it's crazy how she can get around on that scooter and her handwriting has surprised me. 
I'm so excited about her future. I actually can not wait to see her as a teenager, as an adult. I think that she is going to be someone that I will always want to be around. I'm also selfish in that I want to keep her as she is. Right now I know she's loving and accepting and laid back, she's joyful, funny and fun. Can she keep all that, will she grow to be self-consciousness? I pray for my girls all the time, for their health obviously, but also for their confidence, their humility, for compassion and for grace during hard times. I pray every day that He makes me a better mother to them, to give me patience and the right answers to all those hard questions. I pray that He makes me a better example for them and I thank Him for every day second.

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