Monday, October 29, 2012

Boys clothing on a Gap budget

Dressing little boys has gotten SO much easier in the last couple of years. I've pulled ten items from that you can mix and match to make lots of different outfits. Please note that you can find a LOT of similar pieces in Target. They have great gingham button ups, striped tees and jeans. I hesitate to make a Target board (even though I LOVE their little kid clothes---but not their big girl clothes, seriously?!) just because they have so many things on their website to sift through.

Boys clothing on a Gap budget

  1. This is my favorite piece of the entire board, I just think it's so versatile. Jack would wear this to church with the cords or even better, on a weekday I would layer it under the graphic tee and pair with the jeans and desert boots
  2. These other shirts are all basic, comfy, every day shirts. Jack has this orange striped tee, actually he's wearing it today with some navy, knit cargo pants. You can layer any of them under the hoodie.
  3. My little guy plays hard so I tend to put him in dark colored pants, he has no reservations over plopping down in the middle of a dirt pile to play. Dark jeans and a darker shade of corduroys does the trick.
  4. I love how these dark knit cargos are super cozy and comfortable but still cute. 
  5. We have this orange vest, it's VERY plush and looks cute with a lot of different shirts. I would wear it with any one of the shirts on this page.
  6. Mock neck? Elbow patches?! Yes, please.
  7. Desert boots on little guys are seriously cute. The thin sole on this boot makes it flexible so it's easier to walk in. Between these boots and a pair of Navy TOMS or tennis shoes you pretty much have your shoe needs met.
I remember when my oldest daughter was born (seven years ago) I would look through the children's clothing racks and be so thankful that she was a girl. Now it's so easy to find cute little boy clothes!

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