Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Day of Yes

I find that as a parent I'm sometimes quick to say no. I don't even fully listen to the question before I'm distractedly shutting the idea down. That's not how I want to be as a parent and that's certainly not how I want my kids to remember their childhood.

Kendall had her 8th birthday the other day. She was so sweet, she told me that she wanted a family day. After swim lessons the girls and I headed to our local art museum. It worked our perfectly because they were having their Springfest that day with free snow cones, and a TON of activities for kids.
Once the girls heard that snow cones were being offered they were on a mission to find them. The grounds were gorgeous, Kendall kept saying, "I can't believe this used to be someones house!!"

We attempted a little Georgia O'Keefe painting. Our museum has a great children's program. The second Saturday of every month you take a little box (that they supply) and they will stock it with new art supplies, mark that you attended that month and have various art projects for them to do. Love it!

Art Cars were also there so the girls constructed cars out of cardboard boxes. The other kids were all painting theirs but we had dinner plans following the museum and in two seconds Kate's car had already blown against one of her hair buns (big orange hair) so we opted to just paint them at home.
Kendall's motorcycle

We left the museum and soon passed a big park, of course the girls begged to stop...I said yes. I admit that my goal is usually to get from point A to point B but it was the "Day of Yes" so we turned around and found the parking lot and I am SO glad we did. The girls didn't even want to swing they wanted to run and cartwheel and explore the various paths, bridges and waterfalls. We had so much fun.

I was always in the rear, trying to catch up.
We crossed this little rock path. It doesn't look very scary in the picture but it was, I assure you. That last step (closest in the picture) was actually pretty far and I was holding my new camera, yikes!

From the park we met the boys at Kendall's restaurant of choice (Outback, it's ALWAYS Outback) where we said yes to dinner and dessert. She ended dinner with her head on the table. I was all smiling and proud of myself for completely wearing her out until.....she came home and got sick. Not a great ending to the day but until that point it was the perfect day. A day of yes.

This girl...
This girl is a sweet one. 
The worrier. The other day when we thought Kate had a bean stuck up her nose (don't ask, just don't even ask) Kendall was WAY more worried than Kate. 
The shadow. She wants to be right next to wherever I am. Right next to me and talking. She will turn down play dates if it means she can hang out with me. The other day Kate went to our friends house and Kendall sat next to me, sewed, and talked NON STOP about the house on HGTV. She's my girl, that one.
The compassionate one. If anyone is hurt she is the one checking on them. The other day we were talking about an area of the world that didn't know about Jesus. She got so excited and immediately said, "We can teach them!!!"

I love her and can't wait to see what's in store for her.

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  1. your kids r so cute

    God Bless You and your family, amin.