Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Haven't been blogging much lately. I don't know exactly what I've been doing but I feel like I've been busy! I'm excited about Friday night because my girl Karin and I are going to scrapbook late into the night. I had gotten out of a scrapbooking phase but then the new store opened here and I'm back in it again. I've had a couple people mention that they wanted me to start up another Paper Chick class...maybe do a family album. Let me know if you are interested or if you have ideas for another class you would like. If I get enough interest in multiple classes I would consider preparing two different ones. Just a thought. Here is a cute picture that I took of Kendall yesterday. She got a ton of fall clothes recently and I'm loving them all!


  1. LOVE this picture!!!!!!

  2. Can I just say that I am madly in love with this little girl!! I really hope that you both come up here on Thursday! I would love to see you both! I love you Aunt Ashley! Give my little girl a kiss for me!

  3. It has been over a week and no blog activity. Not acceptable!! And I live by you ... imagine the poor people who don't live here!!!

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Yeah. Imagine those poor people who don't live there!!!!

    luv you guys, paula

  5. Ashley -
    This is Amy, Jenn's sister. I check out your blog occasionally when I am browsing Jenn's. Kendall is the ABSOLUTE cutest! These most two recent pics are amazing. She is one beautiful kid! I just had to say that... :) Have a great weekend!
    - amy