Friday, November 03, 2006


Long time no bloggy. I have actually been pretty productive lately cleaning & activity planning for Kendall...which has left little time for blogging. The threat of bodily harm from Lorie has spured me back into action though, ha. Tuesday is the big sonogram day, we will hopefully find out the sex of the baby, whoppee!!! I can't wait. I think that Kendall may be going through a growth spurt, for the first time in her life (well, since solids were introduced) she is eating a ton. She'll finish one thing and then tell me what she wants, "nan na" "cheese", neither of these things will be in her sight but she will know what she wants, too cute. She has learned a lot of songs lately that she likes to 'act out' such as "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" (she is always a few body parts behind the words though) "Three Little Monkeys" (she touches her head and shakes her finger like the dr would, 'no more monkeys jumping...') "Ring Around the Rosies" thankfully she does this on her own and she doesn't require me to hold her hands. I don't think I could do it so many times in a row as she does. For a few days she started to refuse kisses, she has always been our huggy, kissy girl so this was shocking but now that she has learned the names of facial features it is fun again, "Kiss mommy's cheek". She participates more at story time at the library and she is finally facing forward in the car seat!!! I love it and she really loves it. For the first time ever she noticed that we have cows near our neighborhood. She points them out, "Tahows" then she says "bye bye tahows" and waves. The other day we drove by a deer that had been hit by a car on the interstate and Kendall said, "uh-oh". Yeah, honey that is a big uh-oh!

Kendall and I are looking forward to spending nine days with Jessy and Mitch this month (and a couple days with Jeff and Sara too). I think that her Aunt Sara is looking forward to squeezing a Little Bug :) Well, I'll leave you with a few Halloween shots. She did really well, wasn't scared of anything but the time change really threw her for a loop and she got tired really early.

PS my pictures wont upload, I'll try again later.

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