Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I was able to sit down tonight and read a few blogs that I like. I love blogs. They are great for keeping family up-to-date but I love how they allow you to see the connections that we all have. Below is a quote from a blog I read today that really resonated with me. And then, a few pictures of my fun little girlies (click to enlarge). Again, life is good.
But it is in these contrasts that I know even more where I belong. Holding this
7lb. 10oz. lump of love who looks at me with her gray eyes in the dark and knows
that it is my job to keep her safe. And that I will. So, even if all I
accomplish today is tidying up, holding a sleeping baby, working with Elliot on
hugging Lucie gently, thanking my sweet husband for helping me through another
day, that will be enough, won't it? Just acts of love, really.


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Kate is sweetness and adoreable but that Kendall is Miss personality, from the movie star meal to the dressing up and resting in Kate's chair. She is even reclining as she has seen Kate do.
    Love it. Mom

  2. Okay it won't show me what blog you were reading and now I'm curious...who is it?!

    The pictures are adorable as usual :)