Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life Is Good

Life is good, really good. Kate is fantastic, she very rarely cries and I have to wake her up to feed her nearly every feeding! She is such a mellow laid back baby. Kendall loves her new sister but is understandably experiencing a little bit of jealousy. But really, all is good! Kate had her first photo shoot this weekend. Here are a couple of my favorites and a couple of "bloopers"

Hey, can you hear me?

Oh brother, stop taking my picture

Wait, wait a minute, what is that smell? Is that me?

Ahhhh, sleep


  1. Oooohhh she is so sweet! Makes it even harder to believe how big Kendall is now. I'm glad she's such a content little girl for you guys :)

  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Congratulations!! Another beautiful Sampson baby.....all the pictures are so cute but my favorite is the last one. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping the way, your "photographer" did a wonderful job!! :)

    love you guys, paula

  3. I am so glad all is well. She is so beautiful. Love the pictures, Take care of yourself, Love, Kim

  4. too cute!! I cant wait to spend Easter with you guys! I love you so much Aunt Ashley!

  5. these are unbelieveably cute. what a wonderful family! Can't wait to see you soon!!