Monday, April 23, 2007

I have been slacking when it comes to taking pictures. I did pull out Kendall's pool this weekend though. I was brave and didn't put a swim diaper on her and was enjoying the little bootie shape of her swimming trunks...until I noticed that she was squatting and making suspicious noises. Didn't enjoy cleaning that one up.

We had a nice surprise visit from Jenn and Justin on Friday. Kendall wouldn't talk much while they were here but now, as I type this, she is sitting on my lap and saying, "Sus-tin, friend"
Kate had her one month check up last week. She gained two pounds and two inches!! I never thought I would say this but one of my girls is in the 25th percentile!! To quote the doctor, I have a "fine specimen of a one month old". He was surprised at her muscle control and told me not to leave her on the bed unattended because he wouldn't be surprised if she started to roll over soon. He was also shocked to hear that she usually only wakes one time at night. She is a good baby, very laid back but I also think that I am much more laid back as well and she senses that. She doesn't have an evening fussy time like Kendall did but she does behave differently at night (doesn't nurse as well, wants to be held...). But I can't complain!
Kendall is adjusting pretty well, she has her good days and bad days but always loves her little sister. She gives the sweetest most gentlest kisses to Kate (and follows it up with a grab for the pacifier). She has reached the oh so fun stage in toddlerhood where saying something one time is good but saying it twelve times in a row is so much better. Ah, good times. I'll try to take more pictures for some reason my hands just always seem to be busy with something else though, curious.


  1. That picture makes me look very large from the waist down.

  2. Dude, your knees are enormous!

  3. I love the different Kendall moods in these two pics: shy and groggy and mischevious. Adorable.

    Sus-tin does have HUGE knees!

    It was great to get to see you two Fridays in a row. We love you guys.