Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Bye Two

Good bye two, I will really miss you. I will miss your sweet round cheeks and your sweet round legs. I really hope that three keeps the tiny little hands that find their way to my own cheeks when she kisses me. I hope three keeps those crazy curls and that humongous, easy smile. I hope that two doesn't take the crazy spontaneous dances that are randomly sprinkled through our day or the run and gallop that is the dominate mode of transportation.  I hope that bottom lip sticks around another year or two as well. It makes the whining or crying easier to handle. I'll keep the sweet soft kissable neck, the tiny little kissable feet (even though they get pushed into my face if I sit on the couch), and even though I know it sounds weird I want those sweet soft under arms to stick around too (I love seeing them now that we can wear shorter sleeves). The random outbursts of song should stay, the snuggly wake ups (although maybe three could bring a slightly later wake up time, please), the compassion for others, the independence and the general laid-backness should probably just plan on staying forever. But two, you've been great, I will miss you.


  1. I almost don't know what to write because I am feeling so much. This is so beautiful and so encompasses much of my feelings with Makenzie and now Brayden.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Kate.

  2. Ashley, you are an awesome writer and put down what so many Mom's feel.

    Love you. Give Kate kisses from us!!

  3. Beautifully written, Ashley. Happy Birthday Kate!