Friday, March 26, 2010

What We Do

I'm ready, I'm ready to start blogging again. We've been busy living, busy living a bit of a stressful, chaotic time. Winter is a little hard on me, I think my parenting skills are most tested then...we're trapped inside and even worse, this year our house was shrinking around us. All my strength is used up keeping those little monkeys occupied. So the incredible shrinking house, the incredible expanding belly (and hips and thighs, sadly), two crazy monkeys, snow days out the wazoo and there just isn't much energy left in me for anything. I could muster up the strength to read other blogs, I had the energy to post a one liner update on Facebook, but actually finding something interesting enough to have a whole blog post was beyond my abilities this winter. But I miss the recording, I miss sitting down and reminding myself of the best part of my job, of the best part of my day and then recording that for those little ladies (and now that mr. man) that makes each of those days the best.

Today was the best, yesterday was good too but today was exceptional. Ironically we woke up to a drop in temperature and snow so we were once again staying inside but it was different somehow. We ran out early this morning on a mission to find Easter shoes. After paying at Target we were walking out the door and I gave our cart to a lady coming in the door. Kendall noticed and said, "That is good sharing Mommy, I can see Jesus in you." I just wanted to pick her up and love on her right there in the middle of the store. Proud doesn't begin to describe how I felt. I wish I could take credit for that but I think she learned it from her teacher. As soon as we came home I sent her teacher a thank-you note, what a blessing for our kids to have teachers like that. The girls just found ways to entertain themselves today, I sat down to do a little Spring Break trip research and they played for the longest time. I fed them lunch and then they just went back to playing. Finally around 2 I pulled them upstairs to watch a movie in my bed (they both have given up naps, much to my dismay) but we didn't watch the whole thing before they found some other way to entertain themselves. They hit their limit at about 6:30 and the crankies came out so we just got ready for bed and now at 7:00 they are fast asleep.

Check out how close our seats were at the circus!
I fear I might have strep throat. I went to bed last night feeling something coming on and woke up with the most awful sore throat you can imagine. Brian had a crazy day at work today so he couldn't come home but I'm hoping to get into our doc during his office hours tomorrow. I don't remember my throat hurting this badly.

I'm also ready to get back to documenting via scrapbooking too, I haven't scrapbooked in months but I plan to start back very soon....just before things get even more hectic with the entrance of #3 right?

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