Thursday, March 04, 2010

Life Is Good Today

I'm feeling better the drugs are kicking in, carpet is being installed as I type this and it looks fantastic! The house is clean, Brian comes home tonight, making some homemade chicken stock for a noodle soup dinner and the sun is shinning, life is good today!

And this, this alone makes me so happy. Kendall drew Mickey Mouse, I love that she is thinking of things to draw and just trying it! I'm a proud momma, I think her Easter basket will be filled with a little art kit for her :)

Oh, and this is for my momma. I mentioned that we may go sledding this weekend and she was surprised to hear we still had snow. Oh yeah, just a bit of snow left :)


  1. UUUUUgggggghhhhh.....

  2. As of Saturday morning we have no snow left in Boston. It is wonderful!!!