Friday, April 23, 2010


Kendall's birthday is coming up and I was really struggling with what to get her. After some searching I'm really excited with what I came up with.

She has been really interested in the human body and how it works lately so I picked up this book.

As I was walking up and down the aisles at Target I was becoming really frustrated by all the loud and plastic toy options. I had much better luck at Barnes and Noble. She loves crafts so I decided to run with that. I picked up this fancy 'coloring book' and a large set of thin markers. Love these designs, can't wait to color a few myself!
 Here is an example of the different types of designs in the book: 
Next I went to the drawing book section. We have always loved Ed Emberley drawing books and I found this fun "Picture Pie" book by him. Basically it gives you a stencil that you use to draw different sized basic shapes (mostly circles) then you cut the circles--some in half, some in quarters) to create pictures. I took it one step further and picked up these colorful circle stickers. I have found that they have small ones just like this and I'm going to go back and grab those too--for the animals' eyes!

I grabbed a little art journal to keep all her artwork contained in. Honestly this was more for me then her, I could foresee pieces of paper all over the house with stickers on them. Swung through the giftwrap aisle for a little reusable tote to carry all her new goods in.

And for a little added fun we picked up this game at the suggestion of Jennie. Bingo (well, really Zingo)---but it helps with sight words. 


  1. Now tell me the truth, who is the fancy coloring book for?