Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enjoying the Ride

We went on a long bike ride this weekend. The girls seemed to really love it. These are the best years of my life aren't they? I feel like they are, it makes me want to soak up every single minute of these days.

As I type this, Kate is spinning around in circles ("ballerina-ing") behind me. I just heard a thud and a loud "ouch". No matter how many times you warn them they just have to face plant one time before they stop.
I ordered the fabric for the nursery rocker's slip cover this week. I'm excited, I picked a "basket weave" fabric because I think it will not show spots as much. I'm a little frustrated over the crib bedding. The set I like is way too expensive so I have been planning on buying a couple of pieces and making the rest. However, the fabric that I finally found to match is out of stock...of course.  I have a little "Chick's List" going of fun things I have found lately--I think I'll post on that later tonight.

1 comment:

  1. What kind of rocker do you have? How are you planning on making covers? I have been having a glider cushion dilemma...see my blog for details.

    I love those sleepy bikeride pics! I really want to ride behind a bike like that, it looks like so much fun!