Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yesterday we were without a car so we did what we could to stay entertained all day. Relaxing, crafting (even more fun when your table is pulled next to momma's desk), and playing in the sandbox.

I added some bibs and burp cloths to my registry. The only thing that I need and didn't register for is a high chair and I think I can find one of those used at the used clothing store or a garage sale. The crib sheet should arrive on Monday and then I can get the fabric to make the skirt and a quilt...can't wait.  Then it's just the long wait. The first 6 months have flown by but the next 3 I know will D....R....A.....G!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Kendall's birthday is coming up and I was really struggling with what to get her. After some searching I'm really excited with what I came up with.

She has been really interested in the human body and how it works lately so I picked up this book.

As I was walking up and down the aisles at Target I was becoming really frustrated by all the loud and plastic toy options. I had much better luck at Barnes and Noble. She loves crafts so I decided to run with that. I picked up this fancy 'coloring book' and a large set of thin markers. Love these designs, can't wait to color a few myself!
 Here is an example of the different types of designs in the book: 
Next I went to the drawing book section. We have always loved Ed Emberley drawing books and I found this fun "Picture Pie" book by him. Basically it gives you a stencil that you use to draw different sized basic shapes (mostly circles) then you cut the circles--some in half, some in quarters) to create pictures. I took it one step further and picked up these colorful circle stickers. I have found that they have small ones just like this and I'm going to go back and grab those too--for the animals' eyes!

I grabbed a little art journal to keep all her artwork contained in. Honestly this was more for me then her, I could foresee pieces of paper all over the house with stickers on them. Swung through the giftwrap aisle for a little reusable tote to carry all her new goods in.

And for a little added fun we picked up this game at the suggestion of Jennie. Bingo (well, really Zingo)---but it helps with sight words. 

More of a Week

Losing steam on the Week in the Life but it's still okay because it's making me get back in the habit of taking pictures and recording. I have still been doing it every day but I know I'm missing stuff. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Chick's Baby List

First, yesterday I ordered Jack's crib sheet from Serena and Lily. I plan on making the crib skirt to match the one from that line.
Once those come in I'm going to match fabric to make a quilt. A very very simple quilt!
Now on to the fun stuff. Little this and that's that are baby related that I think are great!

I'm loving the brand "Plan Toys" for baby stuff. A couple favorites:
Another classic favorite: Sophie the Giraffe!

This! These are our colors and the perfect artwork for the nursery. Also, really love this print (maybe more!?)

Etsy just has so many great prints, I think this one is cute too--the 'pumpkin' color line.

Hmmm, I could keep going. Better stop myself. Just one more cute line for the big girls. Reminds me of the boardwalk and Ocean City!

A Week

A bit of a hodge podge post today. I've been trying to record a "Week in our Life" this week. I realize that our routines and rhythms are about to all change and I'm excited to have the way we do things now documented. Basically I'm taking photos (when I remember--I'm so out of that habit), saving pieces of everything (receipts, appointment cards...) and journaling a little each night. Next week I'll print the photos and combine everything in a little book that I've roughly assembled and have waiting. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Coming next, a Chick's List of Baby goods!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enjoying the Ride

We went on a long bike ride this weekend. The girls seemed to really love it. These are the best years of my life aren't they? I feel like they are, it makes me want to soak up every single minute of these days.

As I type this, Kate is spinning around in circles ("ballerina-ing") behind me. I just heard a thud and a loud "ouch". No matter how many times you warn them they just have to face plant one time before they stop.
I ordered the fabric for the nursery rocker's slip cover this week. I'm excited, I picked a "basket weave" fabric because I think it will not show spots as much. I'm a little frustrated over the crib bedding. The set I like is way too expensive so I have been planning on buying a couple of pieces and making the rest. However, the fabric that I finally found to match is out of stock...of course.  I have a little "Chick's List" going of fun things I have found lately--I think I'll post on that later tonight.