Saturday, July 09, 2011

This is How We Do It

That blog title brings back memories of 90s music, am I the only one?

I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the vacation photos right now so I'll save those for a later post. Here is a short little post on how we've been handling chores lately.

 We have these cute little jars with popsicle sticks in them. Each stick has a chore written on it and a colored sticker on one end. At the start of the day the colored ends are all on top. As the girls finish each chore they turn it over so that the colored side is down in the jar. To have the jobs listed on the sticks is nice because I can switch them between the girls' jars or just flip one over if it doesn't need done that day. It's also easy to add in another chore if needed. These were made with things I already had on hand. We've tried dry erase chore charts with magnetic "stickers" and they were way more of a hassle then they were worth. This seems to work well for us at this point.

The girls work on them throughout the day and I'm trying not to remind them. Usually if there is down time in the morning I suggest they start and then I let them do it on their own time. Once they finish all the chores for one day I've let them add a sticker to their chart. This chart is pretty massive and I use it to encourage them throughout the day. If I notice especially good behavior we'll add one or when they finish a day's worth of "mommy school" they get one. We plan to do a fun activity once it's full: movie, golfing...
Kendall's (6 years) chores each day:
Clean room
Clean sinks in kids' bathroom (she uses little Lysol wipes)
Dust Family Room
Empty dishwasher (she is only responsible for silverware and kid dishes) this is by FAR my favorite of the chores because it really does help me a lot
Mommy's Choice --I pick anything that needs to be done. Sometimes it's cleaning her desk, other times just random things around the house that need to be done.

Kate's (4 years) chores:
Clean room
Clean step stools in the kids' bathroom (there are three so this is no small fete, ha)
Dust foyer
Dishwasher (sometimes her job)
Mommy's Choice

Jack doesn't have his own jar but he's anxious to start helping

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