Monday, February 27, 2012

Cease Fire

I fear that you're all sick of house photos already! However Lorie and Jennie keep reminding me that I promised bedroom pics so I'm here to deliver. I promise, real life blogging will resume soon and I'll only throw in house stuff every once in awhile. Jack had a late nap today so I didn't get pictures of his room, I'll have to do that tomorrow.
Sissy Lou has a twin sized bed in this house, her old, larger bed is being used in the guest bedroom. I pulled the pillow colors from the painting across from her bed and I have plans for some framed art either over her bed or the blank wall to the right of it.

All three kids have pretty fantastic closets. We store a lot of the toys in these areas. The right side has two rows of shelves.

Sitting on her bed you can look into her bathroom.

It has access to the sink and potty here.

And you can peak into Kendall's side of the bathroom too.

I'm standing in Kendall's room looking into her bath here.

More of Kendall's room and closet.

Her desk by the window. She loves this space and spends a lot of time here!

Standing in the hallway looking into the playroom.

The majority of the toys are kept on the other side of the couch.

To the left of the closet is the catwalk to Jack's room.

My office is just outside of Kendall's room.

This is my favorite picture, Kendall and the gang of kids walking home from the bus stop. Soon after this all the real fun begins as garage doors are opened and bikes and scooters spill out. 

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