Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rock Star

I talked to my husband tonight when he left work. Minutes later my inbox got a few more pictures of the house. He never even mentioned that he was going there. So sweet.

Kitchen progress

The pantry again. Really, this does not look at all different. But I do like looking at it :)

The covered portion of the back patio

Yes, I included a picture of my toilet seat. This is actually one of the things we changed. So my kids are young enough (and small bummed enough) that they require those nasty kid seats that sit on top. I opted to have these installed, you can tell that you lower the regular seat and there is a smaller one for those in the house that are small bummed :) These are going in the kids' bathrooms and the downstairs half bath.

These two are my office

Another one of the changes I made was this faucet. Actually, I wanted a bridge faucet but I would have had to buy it myself and take have him install it. I opted to go with this one (that I love too) just have it finished before we got there).
This is a farmhouse sink but the houses around here all have black sinks. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the black but I didn't have it changed since that seemed to be the trend in the area. I had to take into account resale with all the choices I made. I don't dislike it at all.

I was thinking today how even though I'm crazy excited about getting there, I think walking out of this house I may cry. Then I realized that walking into that house I will probably cry too :)

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