Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Missing--Buried in Boxes

That's us. We're buried. We've made a LOT of progress but we have a LOT left to do too.

All three kids' rooms are complete. Completely complete. That was my lone goal this weekend. I managed that and the kitchen before I was attacked by Kendall's stomach bug and rendered completely useless. Now that the kids are home from their visit with Aunt Sara productivity is really low but we're happy to be here and finally all healthy so we'll slowly trudge our way through this mess.

Here are a few pictures of our success and our soon to be success ;)

Come on in. Our furniture fits here nicely. My sister Sara said it looks even better in this house. I am loving seeing how it looks here and I'm also loving switching things around. My office in Kate's room. The shelf from the girls' Kendall's nightstand.

Finally the kitchen counters are all cleared.

We have received so many sweet cards, Valentines and New Home cards. I LOVE this little graphic one from my mom. It says, "You are the best thing since sliced (bread)." I haven't let anyone know that we've received mail. I haven't said thank you. I haven't had a chance to even talk to my mom. Hi Mom, I know you'll read this ;)

As of today my bathroom vanity is cleared off.

Trying out an enormous pineapple in the guest bathroom (looks especially enormous due to angle of the photo). Nothing says welcome like a large pineapple in the bathroom, right?! Don't you want to visit just to see this pineapple?

Oh playroom. I'm so stumped. I'm at a standstill here. Brian has to attach the bookshelves to the wall but we can't do that until the cable is through or the tv attached or something. Also, the old playroom shelves are in my office so we need a new little shelf for toys. Nothing happening in here. At all.

It's a mess.

I just started working in my office. This picture shows only a fraction of the space in here, this room in HUGE. I also have a large closet and bigger bookshelf then I previously had. Regardless, I'm having some trouble getting things just right. Eventually we want to get a more rustic kitchen table and that table will be moved up here as a work space. I'm really excited, I love to spread out when I work and that will be perfect!

No pictures of the kids room because they're all asleep! Maybe tomorrow?

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