Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Chicklet's Christmas list

The chicklet's Christmas list

  1.  If my kids are not sleeping or begging for a snack you can pretty much bet that they are outside. So their big toys this year are outside toys. Kendall and Kate have tried out their cousins and friends pogo sticks and are anxious to have one of their own. We noticed the Razor 360 as soon as we moved into this neighborhood and Kendall has played on one at a friends house. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to try it out myself. Jack LOVES to scoot around and has been using the plasma car (which I would highly recommend if you don't already have one). I've heard that kids that use these balance bikes end up learning to ride a two wheeler really early since they never learn to depend on the training wheels.
  2. Guess Who is a classic board game, one my kids have never even seen. I'm sure they'll love it
  3. Story Cubes is a game that you develop fun stories with, I'm all for using your imagination.
  4. Two card games I've heard good things about. Spot it! and Sleeping Queens. Since we're traveling this year I think a lot of these will be good in the car.
  5. We never have a year where some kind of logic or thinking game isn't included, this year it's Lonpos. Kendall has been doing something similar to this in her math homework and I was really surprised with how easily this came to her and it's fun too.
  6. These are really pricey but I've had more than one mom suggest them. Tegu magnetic blocks are meant for Jack but I see Kate playing with these a lot as well since I always catch her building with things.
  7. Kendall and Kate have both asked for some of the new Lego Friends sets.
  8. While cleaning out her closet this week Kendall was anxious to get rid of any toys or things considered too babyish, sigh. She handed down a LOT of books to her sister and informed me that she wanted to fill her shelves with chapter books. I guess this summer's Mommy School goal of developing a love a reading was a success. The Magic Tree House series is a favorite of hers, she also likes Katie Kazoo and Ivy & Bean. For Kate I found this Kiki and CoCo in Paris since both girls love all things Paris.
  9. Finally, they've been begging for these mismatched Chooze shoes. We really love the TOMS but are having problems making them last. One of Kendall's friends wears these and they seem to be holding up much better and the best part is that you can just throw them in the washing machine!

Any other must have that I've missed? I'm really at a loss for what to get Jack.  He loves cars,  blocks and to play outside and we have all of those things!

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