Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I've been getting a lot of stuff done lately. I've started to paint Kendall's room and tapped off the dining room for painting. This morning I dusted, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned, and stocked downstairs. I love being productive sometimes, Spring does this to me.

I took this picture of Kendall yesterday, it was her first time sitting in the grass and she didn't want to put her hands down. Too cute. The other picture is Kendall all dressed up for her friend Anna's birthday party last Saturday.

Lots of things to be excited about right now. Getting a lot of fun stuff done to the house: painting, new furniture...we have a special birthday party to plan for, and we have lots of guests coming to visit within the next month.

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  1. i love it that she didn't want to put her hands down! adorable!