Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Life Experiences

I get so excited about sharing new things with Kendall. I think that sometimes I may drive Brian nuts saying things like, "this is her first time wearing sunglasses, this is her first time seeing a rainbow, this is her first time smelling vinegar..." Well, I got to share two new things with Kendall yesterday.

1) Her first time eating honeydew. She seemed to like it but she has spit up a couple times since then so I'm going to avoid it for awhile just in case it's related.

2) Her first time experiencing the joy of riding in the car on a beautiful day with the windows down and good music playing.

Hmmm, maybe next week we'll rent a convertible, every girl needs to experience the wind in her hair like that before her first birthday right?!?!?! Okay, maybe we'll wait.


  1. Awww...I miss her. Did you see the picture on my blog? Love you all!

  2. Seriously...she is just too cute!