Monday, April 03, 2006

Okay, Okay

I haven't wanted to update my blog because I like to see that pucker picture when I open my browser! But, I have been getting threatening messages demanding an update.

The online class has started and we are having so much fun. I've been receiving phone calls and emails galore :) We're doing self portraits this week (a little challenging) these are a couple that I didn't choose.

Today I spent the day with Lorie and Alex, a nice little unplanned day. Gotta love those. Jenn, we were near your town (at the Gap outlet). If I knew how to get to your school I was going to leave a note on your car!!

I'm happy to have my husband home this week. He's a good guy even though he did give me quite a scare last night. We were having a heck of a storm and the cable went out (poo, no Grey's Anatomy), he was in bed so I tip-toed into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I came out, crept to the dresser and heard the door creak (we're out of WD-40), just then a bolt of lightning lit up the room and there stood....a man. I gasped and darn near wet my pants. He got up while I was in the bathroom to check for tornado warnings, he found my reaction amusing though. My blood was pumping so much that I couldn't go to sleep so he got to listen to me talk for about a half hour (pay back).


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    ok, we know where Kendall got the pucker. I think you should use these pictures, there great.

  2. You are right. The pucker is very similar!!!

  3. Ashley! That is awesome that you were at the G.O. yesterday! I was actually there on Saturday and I got a SWEET long-ish raincoat in a purpley-bluish color. Wonderful. Fuji cracks me up. I would have been freaked too.

  4. We'll have to plan our shopping trip next time! All he was missing was a large butcher knife held over his head!