Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kendall and I have been hanging out at home all week. She had her one year check up on Monday, she received two shots (MMR and Chicken Pox vaccine) and since then she has slept horribly and been extremely clingy. I called yesterday to see if she is having some kind of reaction and they want me to bring her back in today. Tuesday we went to story time at the library and to the gym. Yesterday her friend Anna was going to come swim in the pool but they got stuck in traffic and decided to turn around and go home. Our new Bible study starts next Tuesday so Kendall and Anna will be able to play together then.

Just got home from the doctor and Kendall has one ear infection and the other ear is gathering fluid so it's on its way to an infection too. That explains a lot! Poor little Bug


  1. Oh no! Poor little Kendall! I hope she is feeling better soon. Anna and I are ready to resume our Wednesday playtimes!

  2. Poor little girl. Those ear infections are nasty. I love the picture of her in her pink chair with the one foot bent back. Her little legs and feet fascinate me. We have tornado watch until midnight tonight. I hate those. Paper says you have had some bad weather. Changing realtors on my condo. Hope this works out better.

  3. Hey Ashley! Great to see some pics of the little bug. I hope she is recovering fast from all her little ills.